Visioning Session Minutes

Minutes from OGSO Visioning Session

November 20, 2011

at Glenwood Coffee and Books

[These minutes come from the final report-back and final reflections session]

Repeal of Glass-Steagall act is needed. Occupy movement should back this

There is confusion about how to connect to this movement. It is challenging – shifting to a new paradigm – openly democratic. There is among some a fear or organization. The process is frustrating, but it is intrinsically messy.

There is often a disconnect between language and meaning. We should not rely on the assumption that we all mean the same thing or that our words mean the same to all of us.

There is real importance in community– people helping each other and increasing our capacity for trust. In addition to the big movement thing we are involved with, there is a small movement thing that happens between people.

We need to do better at helping new people plug in. When we build community, we keep finding resources that we didn’t know we had.

Patience is important. Patience with the movement, patience with our direction and patience with ourselves.

We should seek empowerment. We have grown too accustomed to being dictated to. We need to take initiative and do things for ourselves. We need to become the change we want to see. But we should also know when to ask for help.

Much of our dis-empowerment is connected to ill defined structure. We need to know how to write a proposal, and how and when to form a working group.

How can we internally educate ourselves to know what we mean and to deal with issues at hand?

We should be able to ask for help before burnout.

There is a place we can use for teach-ins at Guilford College. We should contact the Center for Principled Problem Solving.

For us to succeed, courage is required and trust is needed, but trust must be struggled for and not just assumed.

We tend not to want to struggle with one another, but progress only comes from struggle.

We should embrace differences, even when it leads to anger and frustration.

Trust and safety are connected. Their growth is an ongoing process.


It is OK for radically different things to emerge. The intended outcome for this visioning discussion was to start discussion about how do we support each other and what do we need from each other. It was to kick-start a new type of thinking about not just saving the world, but also, what do we need and how can we contribute to our own liberation.

One person was almost ready to leave the meeting, but later glad that he didn’t. He saw great desire here and felt the meeting very powerful and very spiritual.

Next Sunday’s meeting is to be an open discussion about our movement. How can we recapture the momentum of the October 15 march of hundreds? How can we get everyone back who has left? The power of this messy thing is to be able to have a messy discussion.

Another person expressed appreciation for this process. While other GA’s had heavy agendas and little way to plug in, everyone could feel included today. Kathy Latham volunteered to facilitate next Sunday’s ‘messy meeting’.

Another expressed appreciation for the break out groups because she got to talk to two very different people of the type she didn’t usually talk to.

We need to figure out how to share this experience with those who were not present.

We should let the postings on the wall (about what brought people to this process and what they need from it) grow and remain for those who weren’t here in this meeting to learn from and add to.