G.A. Meeting Minutes 11.11.11

Facilitator: Zack

[Participants gathered in a circle and began a casual discussion.  Media group did a report back.  Then some individuals called for the official G.A. to begin.  Zack was nominated, and accepted the Facilitation position.
There was some back and forth about the order of the agenda.  Participants gave a mix of announcements, agenda items/proposals]



We need those that video taped the 11.11.11 Bank Foreclosure and Zombie March to send the video to WFMY as they requested.


We need childcare and carpooling for Sunday 11.13.11  Mia & Jeremy have offered to bottom-line this.


OccupyCharlotte has been requesting help for weeks, they may be forcibly removed from public land just in time for a city ordinance preventing camping to be put into place.


No Foreclosure Group representative present to report back.


OccupyUNCG representative, Tim, attended the G.A. tonight.  Wanted to make contact and invite us to their meeting on Sun 11.13.11 @ 6pm (location TBD)
The idea of offering our resources to them online was brought up, but it was determined (NO CONSENSUS VOTE TAKEN) that we did not want to step on OUNCG toes and we would wait for them to reach-out to us.


The CEO of Wells FArgo will be in Winston-Salem to talk to the Chamber of Commerce at the end of the month.  More research will be done to determine if this event is actionable.


(CONSENSUS REACHED)Emily proposes that we write personal statements about our thoughts on the Duke Energy Rate Hike and deliver them to to the Utilities Commission on 11/28/11.  Email statements to dnbemiley@gmail.com


It was determined (NO CONSENSUS VOTE TAKEN) that we need more info about the Wells Fargo CEO event.  Julie Kimmel  will bottom-line this.

It was determined (NO CONSENSUS VOTE TAKEN) that we need more information about the needs of other Occupy groups before we decide how to help them.
Tim has offered to bottom-line a “field trip” to the other NC sites to make personal contact with them.


OccupyCharlotte:  Mo Kessler will bottom-line making contact with them and setting up communications for their imminent removal from public property as well as for the Democratic National Convention 2012.


The Media Group had several preliminary proposals.  Some were put on the back-burner by those proposing in order to gather more information.
-proposed regular/monthly focus or theme.  It was determined (NO CONSENSUS VOTE TAKEN) that this was not a good idea.
-proposed yard signs idea.  There was confusion and concern about the idea of using group funds vs. private funds, concern about who would make the signs, concerns about selling the signs (anti-capitalist sentiment).  It was determined (NO CONSENSUS VOTE TAKEN) that more information was needed in order to decide.  Though, it was made clear that Individuals are free to make any signs they want.

Next G.A. Sunday