G.A. Meeting Minutes 11/18/11

Occupy Greensboro General Assembly Minutes


Facilitated by Al, notes by Todd,  Andrew kept stack and Dave was timekeeper and posted the agenda on the whiteboard

I. Ground Rules

II. Announcements

  • Folks from Servant House are willing to help remodel the back room at Glenwood Coffee and Books. Cleaning materials and sheetrock tools needed. Todd will provide degreaser, a mop bucket and some sheetrock tools.
  • Foreclosure group meeting next Tuesday morning 8:30 am at Spring Garden Bakery. There will likely be a nat’l conference call on Monday 11.21.11; trying to get signed up for the call which will hopefully discuss building a national movement around foreclosure issues.
  • Val announced that anyone who wanted to discuss person to person the recent conversations about sexism that have been on Facebook could talk to her after the meeting.
  • Sunday 11.20.11 at 1 pm at the bookshop there will be a meeting for those interested in planning an action around the Utility Commission’s Evdientiary Hearing for Duke Power on Nov 28 in Raleigh.
  • Lynn brought tangerines to share 🙂
  • There was a meeting last week of the zine group that is working on producing an Occupy art and lit magazine. They will meet every Tuesday at 4 pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books. There is also an electronic “drop box” for submissions at the occupygreensboro.org site.
  • The Solidarity with OWS video that Mo and Connor made was posted and sent to OWS. Gotten a great and favorable response. Folks were very grateful. A reply video may be in the works.
  • Occupy UNCG did a 15 person mic check at an open forum regarding raises and tuition hikes. The script from the mic check was read aloud at tonight’s meeting. The next Occupy UNCG meeting is Monday, 11.21.11 at 6:30 pm on the 3rd floor of the Graham building Rm 307.

III. Working Group Reports

  • Facilitation working group needs copies made. Dave and Maria will help out.
  • The teach-in working group is now called Education and Enrichment. They are looking forward to hosting teach-ins, open space discussions, and skill building workshops. Next meeting is Thursday, 12.1.11, 6:30 pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books. Contacts are Rebecca and Isabell.
  • Media Group recently met and is welcoming new members. Contact through the occupygreensboro.org site. Submissions are welcome; go to the blog page.

IV. Proposals
There were 10 total proposals and/or discussions proposed. There was a discussion to try and order some of the proposal to get “less complex” proposals handled. Due to shortness of time and length of discussions not all agenda items were covered; those that remain will be on the GA Agenda for next Tuesday, 11.22.11, 6:30 pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books.

  1. November 30 Winston Action– proposed by Tony Ndege. Occupy Winston invites us to plan/participate in an action with them on Nov 30 at the Benton Convention Center. The WS Chamber of Commerce is holding conference and the Wells Fargo CEO will be the keynote speaker. They are thinking to have 2 rallies that day for the start and end of the Chamber event; probably one at 11:30 am and the other at 1:30 pm. Trish added that she has been talking with folks from Salem College about participating. Folks invited to discuss more after GA.  PASSED WITH CONSENSUS
  2. Rapid Communication Proposal– proposed by Jim. Would like to collect email addresses  and establish a contact group to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. For emergency actions, reminders, etc. Jim will bottom-line and talk with other folks about how to tie in phone and possibly use the existing website as a home-base for this project. WILL REDRAFT PROPOSAL AND RESUBMIT
  3. GA Process Proposal– proposed by Tiffany. Proposal is divided into 3 parts and deals with inter-movement processes. The proposal parts are:
    • Every GA have 15-20 minutes built in at the end to reflect on the process of the meeting- including, but not limited to: how many people attended, who talked (reflect on step up, step up now called move up, move up), is the space safe/unsafe, was our process democratic, what worked/ didn’t work PASSED WITH CONSENSUS
    • GA after every major action have a substantial chunk of time dedicated to reflection and assessment of the action. What worked and what didn’t? PASSED WITH CONSENSUS
    • Formation of an Anti-Oppression working group. This group would help with the above proposals in identifying tools to help our reflections/ next steps to reflect anti-oppression values. The original proposal included keeping data about our meetings to help identify potential trends of oppression; there was much discussion and concern around this point and Tiffany agreed that it wasn’t essential to the proposal itself, more a detail that could be further discussed/investigated. This discussion was definitely the longest of the evening. PASSED WITH CONSENSUS
  4. December 6 National Day of Action Against Foreclosures Proposal- proposed by Mo. Would like Occupy Greensboro to recognize this day in solidarity with other Occupy movements also participating. We don’t have specifics for an action yet but will soon. PASSED WITH CONSENSUS

V. Remaining Agenda Items– The following were on the agenda but we ran short of time and will be on the agenda for Tuesday’s GA.

  1. RUCO (Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy) discussion- Contact is Royall Spence
  2. Facebook Proposal- Erin
  3. Meeting Minutes Proposal- Erin
  4. Discussion about Media Group- Dave
  5. Discussion about Language we use including on Facebook- Lynn

VI. GA on Tuesday, 11.22.11, 6:30 pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books
Val will facilitate, John K will keep stack, Carol will do childcare, Lynn will be timekeeper.