G.A. Minutes 11/22 Courtesy of John Wright

General Assembly Meeting
Location – Glenwood Coffee and Books
Begin Time – 6:40pm
End Time – 8:20PM


Facilitator – Val
Time Keeper – Julia
Note Taker – John W

Stack: Matty


# of Participants: 30



Media Group – Creation of Google Docs for meeting minutes, national and local database for contacts being created.

Unemployment March working group – Date is December 10th at 11:30am (march starts at 12:00), including speakers from our group and groups with organized labor and youth that will be speaking on the historical connection between this unemployment work and the work that we need to do to create the new economy. It was requested that we be able to comment about the need to bring attention to the issue of unemployment.

Duke Energy Group – Next week Nov 28th public hearing is taking place in Raleigh. Organizing a car pool to attend this event. Car pool would leave here in time to be present for the car pool.




RUCO Working group – Royall – wants to put together a working committee to work with the city housing council to get the RUCO ordinance back online. Stephen Sills suggested that the two get together after the meeting in order to get details together. This is not an immediate action but one that will be on going. Rob’s email contact – royallthefourth@gmail.com

ISO Meeting – Trish – ISO will be hosting a meeting on december 6th through UNCG, details to come, talk to trish for more info.



Proposals (** passed with consensus):

**    Erin on Facebook Language – proposed that ground rules be extended to facebook page 2) that spam rules be extended and that 3) when oppressive language is being used, admin should screen shot as evidence. If violated, 1) a warning and then 2) 24-48 hour suspension of person in violation, and if it continues, bring it to the GA. It was added that the offensive item should be removed. It was added that there should be an appeals process. Trish suggested that the 17 admins be made public knowledge, so that way they help with that issue. If an admin is in violation of these rules, they can then be brought before the general administration. There were some issues about censorship concerns were brought up, but not the extent of blocking the proposal. This passed with consensus.

**Meeting Minutes proposals – using Google forms to do notes to add uniformity to the minute process. It would make the minutes more accurate. In addition to this, it was suggested that we record the entire meeting. The original proposal was passed, but Al brought up the point about Rules being bad, and that they should be kept at a minimum. The question was brought up about why record, and it was mentioned that this was done for the accuracy of minutes. Also this would protect us legally if anything else came up. Also this would be useful for activists in the future who want to see what we’ve done. Question was raised that this could be a way to discourage more radical ideas.  An alternative that was suggested was to have two minute takers and have them compare their notes. Also it was suggested that previous meeting minute be recorded at the next GA.

**Jobs March Proposal – Ed – Discussed details and time (December 10th at 11:30am in front of the downtown library) Content of Rally – “how do we create jobs” Explaining the difference between the official and real unemployment. Ed Whitfield, Economist Larry Morse, Union Leaders. Open space discussions (if the weather is nice)   Member of the city to speak about what they do with the 9 million. Need to have young people speaking about how unemployment affects our future. During the Depression a huge portion of jobless blamed themselves for unemployment, when it wasn’t their fault.
–    It was asked that we be able to be able to put out a press release calling upon people of unemployment and under-employment to join us; it was asked if we could put out a press release with language about this. A question was raised about the intent of the language with jobs, and not making us GOP like messaging, and they. The date was questions, since Saturday doesn’t bring the disruption to businesses that week day marches do. It was also noted this is to get together to imagine and create. An issue about whether or not we could clear people to do press releases. The previous consensus of the media group being able to act autonomously over actions that had been approved by the GA. 2 people stood aside, no one blocked. Passed with Consensus.

New Biz – Approving previous meeting minutes at the following meeting – Read before. Question was brought up: What happens if minutes are approved, and then later someone has an objection? Erin suggested that the recording of meetings would answer the question. It was brought up that the lag time would present a problem. This passed consensus.

State Legislature – Wants an email distribution of minutes to keep up on desires of constituents – Just send to the members who attended the meeting.

**Duke Power Working group – proposed doing a press release for next Monday saying that we’ll be in attendance at the duke hearing, we disagree with the increase due to the impact that it’ll have, that we’ll have carpools, and that we’ll be coordinating with other groups. Question was raised that putting out info about this could lead to us being denied entry, due to mic checks. Val pointed out that this was a public hearing and so they should be put out. The putting out of a press release was consented upon by the GA.
Facebook merger – The Media group will put together a proposal about how to merge the two faceboko groups. The media group will come up with a couple of different options for how to do this, Including what to do with the administrator number problem.

Facebook Merging – The Media group will put together some ideas of how to merge and manage our online facebook groups.