General Assembly Meeting Minutes 11/25/11

General Assembly
Glenwood Coffee and Books
Friday, November 25, 2011


Ed Whitfield facilitated.
Mark took stack.
No timekeeper.
No childcare necessary.


# of Participants: approx. 25


Meeting was not recorded


Working Groups present:

Jane Parker ( and Dave Reed both spoke about the Foreclosure group.
There will be a meeting of the foreclosure group at 8pm on Thursday (12/1) at 8pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books.
There may be a need to meet sooner, because Occupy Wall Street is calling for a day of action on December 6th to stop foreclosures: “Occupy Wall Street Goes Home.”  This is coming up quickly.
Jane raised the concern that the Foreclosure Group needs a time separate from Fund 4 Democratic Communities (Dave added that this was because the F4DC had been meeting with the foreclosure group, but they also have things particular to their organization that they need to meet about).  There was a brief discussion on location and time, but it was pointed out that the group itself might need to make that decision outside of the GA process.
Dave reported that the group had a good visit with someone who tried a loan modification 5 times.
They haven’t decided how to move forward yet.
Dave got in touch with someone working on a national coalition around foreclosure.  They have a new website:, where people facing foreclosure can solicit aid, and some have already put in requests.

Kevin Smith reported that he and Bobbie Sonner ( are working on a video about foreclosures, and have put together a draft for the script.  Would appreciate feedback, fact checkers, etc.



1. Messy meeting this Sunday?
2. Cakalak would like to discuss maybe changing Sunday meeting times
3. 12/4 Sunday meeting: open discussion about GA structure
4. One Sunday discussion of democratic safe space (raised by tiffany in one of her proposals): what does that mean to people?
5. Getting in touch with charlotte



Audrey announced that there had been a Really, Really Free Market earlier that day, and though it was unfortunately smaller than in previous years.  Julia Kimmel added that it had not been officially organized until Sunday, so there was not much time for advertising, but there was still a pretty good turnout.

Dave Reed announced that he and Mo Kessler will be going to the Charlotte General Assembly on Monday, to check it out.

Someone announced that there will be an “occupy congress” event, which will include a tent representing each state with info on it about how many foreclosures, etc. have happened in that state.




Proposals with consensus are below.  There was a proposal about the 12/4 meeting being about GA structure, which was withdrawn because of the need for further information about what that meeting might look like.

There were also some proposals which did not pass which had to do with how to structure Sunday meetings in the future.


Proposals that reached consensus:

1. Next Sunday (11/27) will be a “messy” political meeting, as proposed by Michael Roberto.

2. Sunday 12/4 will be a GA (unless a discussion is proposed and approved in place of the GA), from 4pm to 6pm, with the time change so that Cakalak Thunder will be able to attend without changing their practice time.  Proposed by Al Brilliant, and part of his proposal was that we would do this “in appreciation for Cakalak Thunder.”

3. Beyond the 11/27 meeting being a discussion with a decided topic, and the 12/4 meeting having a time change, we don’t feel comfortable, as a small group, making plans for Sundays further in the future.

4.  We read and approved the minutes from the last General Assembly.


Notetaker info:

Julia Kimmel



some of the reflections:

we won’t decide the future of the world tonight
towards the end we seemed in a rush to make decisions
the quaker consensus process is long–alex justis is gathering more info about it
no direct democracy in greensboro like this, nice to have this space
we’ve talked about our process, which is very important
we’ve been able to laugh
these meetings are like breathing–pulling things together and opening things up


Next Meeting:

Discussion meeting Sunday 2-5 pm.

Facilitator will be Kathe Latham.

Next General Assembly Tuesday 6:30 pm.
We did not choose facilitators, stack keeper, etc.
We didn’t keep a parking lot of ideas, but one agenda item that did not get addressed was Audrey’s idea: “One Sunday discussion of democratic safe space (raised by tiffany in one of her proposals): what does that mean to people?”