11/8 General Assembly

11/8 GA

Report Backs:

Media Group: the voter guide leak. Asks for autonomy for certain issues.

Foreclosure demonstration on 11/11 at Bank of America on Green Valley: Moratorium on Foreclosures
and integrated Zombie march.

Banks have been engaged in criminal activity and have been working with states to be granted immunity in exchange for monetary relief. The demonstration will highlight the crimes of banks and push Attorney general Roy Cooper to not grant immunity.

Trip to Raleigh will be highlighted at demonstration and will attempt to work with Occupy Raleigh.

Unemployed/Underemployed organizational meeting on Thur 11/9 @ 6:00pm. There are 14,000 unemployed/underemployed in our area. Try to gather support.

Teach-in on Greensboro Massacre on Thur 11/9 from 3pm-5pm @ interestion of Everette & Mcconnell Rd.

Last call for stuff from Todd Warren’s trailer.

Occupy Charlotte holds demonstrations every Saturday at Bank of America. Should/could we join up?

Final Duke Energy hearing in Raleigh 11/28 at 1:00pm. Attn. Gen. Roy Cooper will be in attendance. Should we attend?

Occupy Spartanburg / GOP debate on Friday.

Choreography and song lesson for Saturday Bank of America demonstration before demonstration. 2:00pm on Saturday. Zombie makeup session will coincide.

Al mentioned that 1,000,000 people have closed accounts at major banks.

OccupyUNCG is acting in solidarity with Occupy Greensboro but is not a part. OccupyUNCG
will be hosting a speak out at “the rock” on campus. Monday, 2:00pm.

“What is the big picture?” for Occupy Greensboro: to be discussed in entirely at Sunday GA.

Moveon.org: “we are 99%” day. Gather at failed business/crumbling bridges/schools to reveal local symptoms of a failed economy.
This is surrounding issues of the super committee and its pending announcement. Moveon.org wants to host a demonstration in response to neglected areas on 11/17.

Proposal is for temporary alliance with moveon.org (Guilford chapter) to organize and demonstrate the 11/17 event.

Concern over moveon.org agenda and political leaning.
Concern with becoming attached to moveon.org in public view. “birds of a feather”

We can support actions without having to support entire organizations.
Ensure all signs have “occupygreensboro.org” emblazoned.

CONSENSUS REACHED: Occupy Greensboro will appear and members can aid in organizing 11/17 demonstration.

Media Autonomy:

GA’s happen on set time. News and press releases happen in realtime. In order for the media group to facilitate the wishes of the GA consensus, they asked to be granted autonomy in three instances:

1.    Event Announcements or reiterating/releasing previously consensed upon material or instances. Reaffirming consensus to readdress issues. (CONSENSUS REACHED)
2.    Correcting published mistakes or inaccurate reporting (CONSENSUS (semi)REACHED, pending further converstation.)

3.    Website moderation against trolles, spam, etc… (CONSENSUS REACHED, publish a Terms of Service which reflects the ground rules applied to GA. These are the rules which will define our online media.)

Point 1: Knowledge about facts and consensus of the GA should be clearly and accurately reflected in GA notes. The media group should refer to these notes and the consensus decisions held therein when creating content for press releases.

A point was raised to ensure press releases remain subjective and in no way alienate members of Occupy Greensboro or the public in general.

Point 2: The conversation about media group answering corrections or that of individuals answering corrections passed on the basis that the conversation continue at Sunday’s GA.

Point 3: Website moderation will not engage cencorship, but will uphold the ground rules defined by the GA. There is to be a Terms of Service posted on the website which reflects those rules. Oppresive speech is defined and not tolerated.

It was agreed that the leaked voter guide and media issues in general highlights a need to discuss open/more frequent communication between the working groups within themselves and the greater GA in general. This discussion will continue at Sunday’s GA.

“Jobs for Justice” meeting on Tues. 11/15 at CWA Hall. A coalition of community and labor organizations will be speaking to help build relationship with community. OccupyGreensboro will be in attendence. CONSENSUS REACHED.

Greensboro Mural Project will be hosting a discussion at the mural on Sat. at 1:00pm. The mural is on Lindsay Street at the Greensboro Children’s Museum. The mural’s subject is “What would healthy Greensboro look like?” and the topic will explore how Occupy Greensboro fits into the mural theme. CONSENSUS REACHED

Art & Literature Magazine
A new working group will form to create an Occupy Greenboro Art & Lit magazine. The first meeting of the group will discuss logistics. All submissions are welcome. CONSENSUS REACHED.