Anti-Oppression Working Group Meeting Minutes 12/21/11

Anti-Oppression/_____ WG Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2011
Number in Attendance: 9

Facilitator: Audrey
1.    Recap of last meeting
a.    Included topics – bring whole-self to group; group as mediation/conflict resolution hub; time-out structure great for individual issues, not so much for patterns.
2.    Name change to reflect what we want in positive terms
a.    Possible ideas – /Awesome and Inspiring Community; /Radically Welcoming
b.    Discussion points – perhaps no names that trivialize the work of anti-oppression; keeping things light and fun; we want inclusion, liberation, welcoming, empowerment, enlightenment; perhaps the name will come as we work.
3.    What can we do practically?
a.    15-minute reflection in GA
i.    Narrow focus support team to help with conflict that may arise.
ii.    The reflection seems not to be fully meeting intended purpose.
1.    However, appreciations are a wonderful evolution of the process.
2.    A certain level of trust must be built before holding people accountable.
3.    We should model the process in the working group.
b.    Babysitting –
i.    Had been passed by the GA.
ii.    Right now Sundays-only commitment.
iii.    $10/hour for one person however would like 1 other person to volunteer on a rotating basis to support.
1.    Donya has agreed to step into the role.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 28th, 5:30-7, Glenwood Coffee and Books.  Continued Discussion on practical/tangible function of group.