Duke Energy Working Group Meeting 12/03/11

First Duke Energy Working Group
Glenwood Coffee and Books
Saturday December 3, 2011

With a group of four we keep the meeting informal while following an adgenda.


4 participants/not recorded



-Collect contact information and send meeting notes.
-Note taker and post meeting notes on the facebook event post for the next meeting.
-plan next meeting.
-dissussion:What do we see as problems with Duke Energy?
What can we do?
Who can we connect with


note taker:

Emiley Joyce



What do we see as problems with Duke Energy?
-plans to ask for rate hike next year after it opens two
more plants
-duke energy/progress energy merger
-responsible to shareholders, conflict of interest
What do we see as problems with the North Carolina Utility Commission?
-level of difficulty to find out information on public
hearings and how public was treated in hearing.
-lack of accountability. Duke Energy files for increase
July 1, 2011, people receive notices in mail October
2011, first public hearing October 11, 2011.
– doesn’t act as guarantor of the people
What can we do?
-Plan teach in.
*possible locations: Public Library, Community Center
*plan for 2012 event
*plug-into Teach in group.(John)
*get availability of organizations for teach in.
Greenpeace, El Pueblo Inc.(Emiley)
NC WARN (Kristen)
Appalachian Voices, Greensboro Housing Coalition
Land for Tomorrow (John)
AARP (Mark)
*Come up with questions for teach in
-Video and letters. Last chance say no rate increase
*talk to art and media for cameras(John)
*talk to NCE teachers union to make video statement
*Sat Dec 17, 2011 video interviews at friendly
shopping center
-Tell one tell all
* Not to late to say no to the rate hike. Send Utility
Commission Chairman Finley and District Attorney Roy
Copper your response to the rate hike.
Finley@ncuc.net and you can message Roy Cooper from
ncdoj.gov by clicking on contact us
Who can we connect with?
-Greenpeace, NC WARN, Appalachian Voices, Land for
Tomorrow, NC Justice Center, El Pueblo Inc.,AARP, and
Greensboro Housing Coalition.


Next Meeting: TBA