Duke Energy Working Group Notes 12/21/11

Notes from Duke Energy Working Group 12.21.11
Brainstorming:  Follow up on Duke Energy Rate Increase Proposal
  • Work to bring pressure on NC Utilities Commission based on collusion with Duke power – demand that they work in the interest of the people
  • Research:   how are they appointed?  Can we bring attention to the appointment process or put pressure on the NC government to appoint people who are more representative of the interests of the 99%?
  • Can we put focus on NCUC to get them to be more positive?


Emily proposed that we change into the Energy working group; Kate agreed and expressed interest in looking at ways to reduce energy consumption, promote sustainable energy

  • Dmall hot water heaters (heat only what is used); solar panels; bike generators
  • Research more about pollution caused by DP and others


Emily suggested we connect with Greenpeace for support, tools for our local efforts; she has already started this.


Next steps:

  • Plan to go door to door in the Glenwood community to get more people to sign the petition (if announcement isn’t yet made)
  • Tenative plan to canvas every Sunday from 2-3:30 pm, debrief before GA, starting January 8 or 15th
  • Gather information about people’s power expenses, if they are interested in learning or meeting about alternative energy
  • Can also ask them about other topics (unemployment, etc)
  • Can also bring information about services that are available
  • This information could also be used to plan the teach in that we have discussed so it can be based on interest of the people in the community
  • Make connection with Eddie, organizer in Smith homes, to do surveys in that neighborhood as well


Potential Survey Questions (Rough):

  • What are your power bills like in winter and summer?
  • Do you know about the proposed Duke Power rate increase?  How would that impact your bill?
  • Do you rent or own?
  • If rent, does your landlord take measures to help control energy costs?
  • If you own, are you interested in/able to do weatherization?
  • Would you be interested in learning more about ways to control energy costs, or alternative energy sources?
  • What are some things you do to conserve energy already?
  • Would you be interested in signing the petition?


  • Next meeting:  Wednesday, Dec. 27th, 7-8:30 pm at Glenwod Coffee and Books
  • Work on proposal for convassing and survey