Duke Energy Working Group Meeting Minutes 12/28/11

Duke Energy Working Group meeting 12/28/11 7-9 pm

9 participants, no audio/visual recording



-the agenda for this meeting was to draft a proposal for canvassing the Glenwood neighborhood, including a survey for residents regarding energy needs,  to be shared at the GA on Sunday 1/1/12.
-The working group notes that after the survey and other Duke Power related petitions and actions are completed, the group’s name will change to Energy Working Group, and will broaden its focus to include alternative and sustainable energy use, teach-ins, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, etc.
-The next working group meeting will be Wed, Jan 4 at 7 pm.  Canvassing will begin Jan 8 at 2, and is tentatively scheduled to be an on-going event on Sunday afternoons from 2-3:30.
– The DEWG is committed to organizing Sunday afternoon canvassing for the purpose of the energy survey, and to cooperating with other groups to maintain Sunday afternoon canvassing for other OGSO purposes after the energy survey is complete.
-We discussed whether the people living in Glenwood would tire of talking with multiple OGSO canvassers coming to their homes, and decided to include a question on the survey to ask, “may we contact you again?” so that if the person can indicate if they are willing to further continue conversation with us.
-We also decided to be open to canvassing in other neighborhoods besides Glenwood, as Greensboro is a large and spread-out city.
-Two members of the Walkupy group visiting OGSO joined us for a discussion about Duke Energy and for brainstorming about the survey and future Energy working group objectives.
-This included a briefing on the issues of the rate increase and legislation for annual increase, the petition, the NCUC, the merger with Progress Energy, talking about alternative ways to produce energy such as solar, passive solar, copper piping insulation for hot water, heat on demand technology for water, bicycle generators, and also fuel efficiency technologies for auto engines.
-A long-term goal discussed for the Energy working group is to promote the nationalization of utilities that are currently privatized.
-We read through the survey questions that had been written in the week since our last meeting, when the idea of the survey was first generated.  The group added and revised the list, and the questions were recorded by Valerie.
– There was a discussion as to how many questions to include.  One suggestion it that the number of questions is not as important as whether or not they are prioritized.  The most critical questions should be asked first in case the resident only has a few minutes to speak with us and isn’t able to complete the survey.
-The types of questions needed for the survey include the following:

personal experiences, alternative energy, awareness of rate increase, annual increase, merger, opinion of nationalization, NCUC, petition.
-We agreed to include handing out fliers for OGSO so that people will know how to find us if they are interested in attending GA or any other event, and we want to include info regarding each working group so that people can plug into their specific area of interest.
-The need for interpreters for canvassing was discussed.  In Glenwood there are over 26 languages spoken.  DEWG will ask the GA about the language skills of all persons in the group, and will contact the Center for New North Carolinian as needed for interpreter services.
-It was determined that if a household with interpreter needs is encountered during canvassing, a note should be made of the address of the home so that someone can return later with an interpreter.
-The following guidelines were agreed to regarding canvassing:

canvassing should be done in pairs, preferable one female/ one male, alternately  speaking with homes, giving a “gentle” introduction to make a first impression that is neighborly, pairs should carry a clipboard or notebook for taking notes, and should be prepared to share information regarding assistance for utility relief in case assistance is requested.  Canvassers should not enter into peoples’ homes, and should remain within eyesight of other OGSO canvassers.
-The route for canvassing will be determined on Sunday afternoons beginning on the Jan 8 by the volunteers to show up at Glenwood Bookstore at 2:00.  Notes will be made each time so that the streets and houses that have been canvassed can be marked off for future canvassing.
-A facebook event will be posted for on-going sunday afternoon canvassing after it has been proposed to the GA.  Also the DEWG would like to create its own FB page to prevent comments and links from disappearing from the event page after the event has taken place.
-”Take aways” for the next meeting:
prioritize list of survey questions, research emergency resources in multiple languages, research the proposed legislation for annual rate increase, OGSO fliers for distribution.


Note taker:

Kate Dunnagan, katedunnagan@gmail.com


Next Meeting:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 7-9 pm at Glenwood Books