G.A. Meeting Minutes 11/29/11

General Assembly, 29 November, 2011, 6pm-8:30 PM Glenwood Coffee and Books


Facilitator and stack keeper chosen as first order of business

Facilitator: Lamar
Stack Keeper: John K.


# of Participants:

approx. 20


Not recorded


-review of groundrules
           -suggestion: Once you speak once please want until all others who wish to speak have done so before placing yourself back on stack [agreed to]

-Working Group and other report backs



1) We are establishing an extensive email and phone contact list to be used to send action alerts and other mass announcements. This list will be used _only_ as a tool for announcing actions, upcoming events, major news, etc. (i.e. it will not be a discussion list).  All are encouraged to provide their contact info and urge two friends/family/etc. to sign up, who should in turn ask two additional folks to sign up….etc.  The goal is to increase the web of contact exponentially. 
email artteacher33@yahoo.com to sign up yourself and/or have others sign up

2) Sunday, 4 December there will be a GA from 4-6PM at Glenwood Coffee and Books.  From 3-4 PM, Dave will bottomline a discussion of General Assembly process.  The discussion will include a comparison of OGSO’s processes and those of other groups.  All are encouraged to bring their thoughts and ideas. 

3) Mo K. participated in a nationwide direct action conference call among occupy groups.  See Mo is you would like the minutes.  Some key points:
               -6 December-call for a national day of action focused on foreclosure
              -Call for national action surrounding Global Human Rights day
              -discussion included the possibility of an “Occupy Congress” action to be held upon the re-convening of Congress
               -“Night of One Million Tents”: all encouraged to include tents as part of holiday displays

4) The “Zine” group has met several times and plans to meet Tuesdays around 4pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books.  The first issue is being put together and SUBMISSIONS ARE REQUESTED!  Submissions need not have “Occupy” as their explicit topic/content; the Zine aims to present artistic work of any kind. 

5) Dave and Mo will travel to Charlotte on Wednesday, 30 November to sit in on an Occupy Charlotte General Assembly

6) Occupy Winston Salem holding a protest action surrouding the visit of the CEO of Wells Fargo at an event sponsored by Duke Energy at the Winston-Salem Convention Center on Wednesday, 30 November.  Begins at 10:20 AM with high point at 1:00 PM.  see occupywinstonsalem.org

7)Unemployment/Underemployment/Employment March: scheduled for Saturday, 10 December.  Members of organized labor and Occupy have agreed to speak; important topic, how _we_ (not the 1% or corporations) can create jobs.  Next meeting of this group is Thursday, 1 December at 3:30 PM, Glenwood Coffee and Books.

8)The Foreclosure working group will meet at 7:30 PM Thursday, 1 December.

9)On Monday several attended the most recent hearing on the proposed Duke Energy rate increase.  Many groups in opposition to the increase attended.  ***A lively discussion ensued upon this annoucement.  Discussion included reflection on the possibility of various forms of resistance to Duke’s monopoly, the politics of alternative energies, etc.  The possibility of forming a working group around this topic was broached, but a working group was not officially formed.***


-Proposal (Erin [in absentia] and Alex): request to use the time scheduled for a General Assembly on Sunday, 4 December for a discussion about the General Assembly Process (topics to include: how do people feel about the process?; do you feel empowered at GA’s?; welcome to participate?; do GA’s create an intimidating environment?; etc.). 

Discussion focused around the need to use Sunday for a full GA, as this time is most accessible to the most people (e.g. many interested in participating in the GA process cannot attend weeknight meetings).  Discussion concluded with suggestion that all interested in discussing GA processes should attend a discussion group from 3-4 PM before the GA on Sunday, 1 December (Dave will bottomline; see Announcements above).  


No proposals reached consensus.


Notetaker contact info:

Jeremy S.   jrmschott@gmail.com


Final 15 minutes were dedicated to reflection on the evenings General Assembly.  Reflections were positive and focused on the ways that the General Assembly process and other Occupy actions have created spaces for open and authentic dialogue.  Attendees mutually encouraged each other to maintain this ethos. 


Next General Assembly meeting: Friday, 2 December 6:30-8:30 PM, Glenwood Coffee and Books