G.A. Meeting Minutes Updated 12/13/11

General Assembley
Gleenwood Coffee & Books
Tuesday December 13, 2011

Facilitator Mark Spitzer
Stack Todd Warren
Time Keeper Dave Reed
No Childcare


# of participants: About 15 to 20

Not recorded.


Working Group Reps:

Foreclosure- Todd Warren (toddafwarren@gmail.com), Mo Kessler, Bobbie Sonner
Media- was there but unsure of representative
Anti-Oppression-Mark Spitzer (spitzermb@guilford.edu)
Alliance- John Kernodle III (john.kernodle@gmail.com)
Duke Energy- Emiley Joyce (dnbemiley@gmail.com), John Kernodle III(john.kernodle@gmail.com)
Art- Mo Kessler, Al Brilliant (albrilliant@gmail.com), Emiley Joyce(dnbemiley@gmial.com), Bobbie Sonner
There were more representatives present that I am missing.



-Open with the rules
-Al Brilliant requested the stack keeper to move people who haven’t spoken up on stack before people who have spoken several times.
-went over hand signals.
-pick facilitators for Friday December 16, 2011



Jim- passed around rapid communications system for people who have not yet given their email.
Unknown person-she wrote an article on the unemployment march and she wanted to know who’s pictures she had used from the facebook page. Direct response the Greensboro bear.
Mo-city council meeting December 13, 2011 for safe street program. Anarchist asked for OGSO support.
Todd- Foreclosure meeting Thursday December 15, 2011 at 7:30.
Mark- Anti-Oppression meeting Wednesday December 14, 2011
Cindy- wants to do silk screens
Bobbie- Needs people to make robot noises after GA for foreclosure video.
Emiley- Not too late to sign the petition against the duke energy rate increase.
Solidarity march (Wal-Mart) report back started a discussion and was moved to the discussion portion of the meeting.
Foreclosure Group- Foreclosure teach-in report back. NC justice center and legal aid spoke and there were occupies from other North Carolina groups.
Education and enrichment meeting Thursday December 15, 2011 at 12pm.



John Kernodel III- Intermission between GA’s. Informal break, facilitators make sure to tell people when to be back, and 10min cap on break time.
Al Brilliant- Childcare from 3pm-6pm Sundays and pay the childcare provider $10 an hour.
Dave Reed- No more consensuses needed to approve meeting minutes at the next GA. Minutes will be posted on the Occupy Greensboro website and anyone can comment on the minutes.
Statewide teach-in strategy session. The OGSO’s Occupy Foreclosure group is proposing a state wide teach-in/ strategy session to be hosted on a date to be determined in February. This Teach-in/ strategy session would be comprised of occupy groups from across the state, social, and legal advocates of homeowners and people facing foreclosure. This event will be broken up into to two sections: a teach in and open space strategy session. The teach-in part will be focused on education on the foreclosure process, how we got here, and our possible option. The strategy session will be focused taking the information from the previous session and collectively thinking through the possible options for actions we can take. This event will be an opportunity to deepen our fight against the illegal evictions of our community members with a statewide response. Occupy Greensboro’s Foreclosure group would also like to propose that we be the host to this event if this event is consented upon by the GA.


Proposals that reached consensus:

Intermission, Childcare, meeting minutes, and statewide teach in strategy.


Note taker:

Emiley Joyce


Mo- other locations to have GA’s

Latin Kings Indictment- the RICO laws. Documentary shown at Gleenwood, not sure what night it was.

Wood Shop

Wal-mart Action- Al brought up two concerns. Police demanded to know who the leader was. Police conflict. Mostly positive feedback from onlookers.  Sudden developments within an action that has not been planned or properly discussed. Especially when civil disobedience and possible violence are involved. Al suggested that a discussion should take place on what to do when an action is confronted with the police. GA provides guidelines if a situation arises.

National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms, www.civilfreedoms.org, Mel Underbakke. Guest to occupy Greensboro, they made a small presentation on two cases.

The people’s bank was passed around.