G.A Meeting Minutes 12/16/11

General Assembly, Glenwood Coffee and Books, 6:30PM-8:30PM


Facilitator: Tom
Stack Keeper: Lamar

approx. 30 participants, not recorded



-Review of groundrules and hand signals
-Announcements/Reports back
-Discussion items



1) Occupy NC will be holding a conference call on Monday or Tuesday of this coming week.
-Discussion: does participating in conference-call mean we will “join” an umbrella organization called “Occupy NC?”  If so, do we need consensus?  Is Occupy beginning to form a hierarchical structure of state/local?  Or perhaps the conference call is merely a vehicle for sharing information and coordinating direct actions?
2) Occupy walkers from NYC will be in Raleigh; there will be an event (see Occupy Raleigh website for info)
3) Saturday at 4:30 at Glenwood Coffee and Books there will be a meeting of the employmen/unemployment group; there will be a screening of an interesting documentary on worker-owned businesses
4) Sunday at 1:00 PM, meeting at Glenwood Coffee and Books to discuss a Direct-Action Miniseries
5) On Thursday Occupy London was delcared a “terrorist organization”
6) ZIne submissions due by Friday, January 6th (with goal of publication in time for Art Fest January 11-13th



1) Proposal to take part in an informational picket in support of the public postal service and to increase awareness of ongoing efforts to dismantle the postal service.
Discussion focused on the best location the action; Murrow Blvd. central office emerged as best option; the picket will also distribute informational materials about current cuts to the postal service and the struggles of postal workers.
DATE: DECEMBER 20th (Tuesday)


Proposals that reached consensus:

1) Proposal to take part in informational picket at Murrow Blvd post office on Tuesday, December 20th RECEIVED CONSENSUS


Note taker:

Jeremy S.  jrmschott@gmail.com
(mea culpa for the lateness of these notes)



-Preparations for the Jan. 11-13th Art Fest are proceding apace! All interested in helping should get in touch with Mo.


Next Meeting: Sunday 4-6 PM, Glenwood Coffee and Books
Next facilitator: Emiley