G.A. Meeting Minutes 12/18/11

Working Group Meeting Dates


GA at Glenwood Coffee and Books 4-6pm

EMILEY facilitator
BEN stack
JULIE notes

35ish participants, not recorded


Ground rules
Welcome from John and Isabel
Announcements/Working Group reports

Isabelle, pre-empted announcements by adding on Fbook we wanted to list people/folks we wanted to included in GA:

Kernodle and Isabel: welcome people for whom is 1st assembly, been to a few, been to a lot. welcome ppl who are not members of fbook and are members of facebook, a lot or a little time on fbook
women, men, transgender, genderfluid, etc and your bodies
chronic medical condition
dreams desires passion
veterans, ppl occupied by military
languages of all people–spanish, farsi, etc.
survivors of violence, trauma
people of latino, asian middle easter etc descent
people who don’t identify as activist
lgbt, asexual ppl
music, art poetry makers
teens 20’s 30’s infinity and beyond
single, marries partnered dating, etc.
joy contentment joy frustration empathy hope, all emotions
children, parents ,guardians, mentors for children
ppl struggling wiht mental health concerns
people of faith, seekers, etc. pagans, atheists
ancestors by blood and geography
elements of earth air fire water chi
poor, working class, middle and owning class
people who have dies
people who identify and don’t as feminists
people who are fearful or hopeful of the futures
people who are one way one day and another another day
people who believe or don’t in the american dream
people for whom this is their first social change group, etc
people who feel comfy in large group meetings, and don’t
ppl from southeast, and elsewhere
lefthanded, righthanded ambidextrous
health people
clumsy people
athletic ppl
people who liked or didn’t like school
people who like or don’t like cilantro
people who live in all kinds of families
social awkward, social butterflies
street smarts, people who care about you wihtout even knowing you
val: those who wander yet are not lost

other jokes

anything we didn’t cover?

announcements: working group

JIMJIM: pass around list for rapid response email, keeps us informed of actions, etc.
JOHN in conjunction with art fest being planned, he’s looking for ppl interested in one-act play writing or scenes (actors). need to rehearse before new year. anyone interested contact kernodle.

MO report back from art working group–we’ve secured WASHPUB by guilford college. they are interested in hosting one of the performances. art show will be in there too. taking all kinds of submissions. we’re meeting at 5:30 on tuesday before GA for nxt working group meeting. activities we can creat–individuals will bottomline. find mo to discuss further. presentations to GA on tuesday on further info. also the ‘zine will be put out at hte same time. taking all kinds of submissions, including ppl’s personal stories. please write down something quick to submit. zine submissions: democrazinlit@gmail.com.

ERIN there is a way to submit things to the website. at links at top of ogso homepage. give us a week’s notice for something that’s really important (for press release). need more notice

DAVE people’s bank–please donate! also we have buttons left from O15 march. they are $1–we’re are 99% buttons. 1/2 of money comes to us

TODD foreclosure grp changing meeting time. if interested, early thursday mornings potentially. see todd after GA

MO  can we write down when working groups are meeting?

VAL point of process–ask someone else to write on board beside ben who’s taking stack

ISABEL  education and enrish working grp: w’ve been planning final stages of proposal to do census of skills of interest to guide learning sessions we’ll be having in the future. look out for propsosal: next meeting wednesday at 12 at Al’s. might be alternating meeting times soon. we’re bring in a proposal at GA today, too.

VAL mentioned friday GA had consensus aroun dhaving an event on monday 20th december –strike that TUESDAY the 20th. 4-5pm murrow blvd post office picketing. to support nat’l day of action to support postal worker’s unions.

EMILEY: duke energy rate increase petition

ED employment grp had meeting saturday, showed video on worker co-ops. ppl thinking about co-op business opportunities. health co-op, media co-op. interested folks come to next meetings. Amanda huber will announce next meeting. may show video again sometime.

CHRISTINE civil liberties group. thursday at 5:30 meeting. 2 ppl at last meeting. city coucil proclamation against NDAA. doing education, potential flyering. hasn’t gotten out through media so we’re trying to get out to general population. flyers on cars while at church. class-action suits, individual suits. meet thursdays at 5:30.

JIM are we into working group reports? civil liberties group, main topic was NDAA. we discussed the website, we’ll work with media. Facebook already has stuff/info on it. Keep checking out facebook for more info from JIM on NDAA. We’re planning to use rapid communication list–JIM designing flyer, too.

JIM media working group report–long meeting, talked about reenergizing twitter acct. given the nature of media gorup work, we discussed rotating tasks to get things accomplished. rapid communications list, JIM sending out action alerts. Yahoo account deleted everyone from rapid email listserve for some reason. don’t have to sign anything new, will retype whole list. David and I talked about having an email acct. discussed issues on fbook, nothing resolved–possibliity of forum? need to share press release duty. if you have something you want to send out as press release, make sure it gets to media group. maybe have a place to send it? press@occupygreensboro.org. discussion of training to do press releases.

ERIN i put link to new submission form on website already–bare bones info on there.

JIM yes press release but you can also submit other things. press releases are not a place to editorialize.

VAL point of process: this may verge into discussion rather than report-back. can we move this discussion to another part of the meeting?

JIM Val’s right we need to discuss this as a group. also discussed maybe a visionary retreat, effectiveness of small vs. large acitvities. got a lot accomplished, good meeting.

DAVE number of good open discussions about democratic process–let me know ifyou’d like to have another, talk to me.

ISABEL anti-oppression group present? yes, roughly 5 or 6 ppl. mtg wednesday at 5:30 at AL’s. we’ve been discussion what our role is in larger group. we want to add a slash to our name ANTI-OPPRESION//SOMETHING POSITIVE. Need feedback! One convo we had was how are we creating GA as a space where we’re all welcome. how are we drawing in all sectors of 99%.

ERIN Tony Ndege said the occupied back day or few days. removed by sheriff’s office illegally. wanted to make sure eveyone knew about it

CHRIS occupation started at 4pm, initial police contact at 7pm. strange clearing out of people this morning after mayor said they could be there.

VAL non-violent direct aciton mini-series meeting. Dave and I only one’s who showed up (and Mo). thought there was a lot of interest. is there some fatigue or is it Christmas? if folks are still intrested let me know.

MICHEAL left-forum working group meeting right after GA. working on a proposal to take a group of us to Left Forum.

JIM addendum to civl lib working grp. LA has passed resolution against NDAA. El Paso has as well. We should work wiht out own city council to do that. John kernodle was supposed to talk to Marikay about it.


NEGO: educ and enrish working grp 1) use a small about of funds to purchase white board for a calendar of events, live outside building so people can add to it
two GA’s a week (from 3), to free up primetime space for events to happen.

MICHAEL 1) in January, unemplyment grp give presentation to GA on unemployment in Greensboro. would like to see up-to-date findings of that working group
like to see a proposal of one teach-in per month

ERIN 1) form on website to hook up new people wiht working groups
people’s bank do a monthly budget report to GA/website

LAMAR question: is Michael’s proposal a proposal or discussion topic?

ED I’d like for us to be clear on how minutes from GA’s be done. A list of items discussed, items consensed upon, but no attempt to interpret the nature of discussions.

ISABEL whiteboard proposal. you can buy cabinet backing. should be able to bring it outside or inside. we’re open to amendments. 2-month long calendar. Isabel, Nego and Al keep it updated at first. for people without regular internet access.

MO factual response: i had asked 4 GA’s ago, i proposed we use the whiteboard, someone said they had a larger whiteboard already. someone is willing to donate that. it was on hold until someone brough that, but that haven’t yet.


1) WHAT GA MINUTES SHOULD CONSIST OF IS a) list of items discussed b) list of things we agreed on consensus c) add contact info (friendly amendment). Minutes should not contain any transcription or an interpretation of the nature of discussions.

2) Proposal to have a financial report from finance group on a monthly basis to GA and posted on website.

3) Proposal to have two GA’s/week on Tuesday at Sunday (at usual time/place) and strike the Friday GA time.

Note taker:

Julie – designedbyjs@gmail.com

Next Meeting:


1) education and enrichment working grp proposed to use a small amount of funds to purchase white board for a calendar of events, live outside building so people can add to it

2) MICHAEL unemployment group give presentation to GA on unemployment in Greensboro. would like to see up-to-date findings of that working group (a lot of discussion in this GA–no consensus reached, Michael decided to table to a later date)

3) MICHAEL  proposal of one teach-in per month

4) ERIN: form on website to hook up new people with working groups

NEXT GA is Tuesday at 6:30:

ERIN facilitator
TODD notes