G.A. Meeting Minutes 12/20/11

Occupy Greensboro GA
Glenwood Coffee & Books
6:30 pm- 8:30 pm


Faciltator- Erin Mezgar
Stack- Tiffany Holland
Timekeeper- Chris Stella


# of participants: approx. 45

Not recorded.


Working group reps.:

1. Foreclosure/ Todd Warren/ toddafwarren@gmail.com
2. Anti-Oppresion/ Tiffany Holland/ jtiffanyholland@gmail.com
3. Media/ Erin Mezgar/ webmaster@occupygreensboro.org
4. Art/ Mo Kessler / mokessler@yahoo.com
5. Zine/ Chris Stella
6. Duke Energy/ Emiley Joyce/ dnbemiley@gmail.com
7. Civil Liberties/ Trish Kahle/ trish.kahle@gmail.com
8. Education and Enrichment/ Isabell Moore/ zed@riseup.net


I. Ground Rules/ Name Go Round
II. Announcements
III. Poposals
IV. Discussion
V. Reflection



– Anti-Oppression Working Group will meet Wednesday at 5:30 at Glenwood Coffee and Books.
– Art Group will meet Tuesday December 27th at  5pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books. Need photos, video and writing submissions for Art Fest Jan 11,12 and 13.
– Education and Enrichment will meet Wed Dec 28 at 12 noon at Glenwood Coffee and Books.
– Duke Energy will meet Wed Dec 28 at 7 pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books.



1. Left Forum Proposal- Michael Roberto
Proposal that Occupy Greensboro prepare and send a panel to make a presentation at the Left Forum in NY March 16-18 2012.

2. Newcomer Proposal- Media Group

3. Skillshare Proposal- Erin M- Tabled til next GA due to time constraints


Proposals that reached consensus:

1. Left Forum Proposal-  After a lengthy discussion, GA enodorsed a round-table delegation to go to the Left Forum in NY March 16-18 2012. Financing the trip is TBD.

2. Newcomers Proposal- after some discussion and friendly amendments, consensus was reached to incorporate into the Ground Rules an announcement that newcomers are welcome and encouraged to make contact with working group reps during GA intermission and after meeting
on Thurs the 29th.


Note taker:

Todd Warren



Discussions- We did not get to any of the discussions except for the Walkupy discussion.

1. Walkupy- Cynthia Case; Folks from walkupy will likely be arriving Wed the 28th or Thurs the 29th. We would like to welcome them and have a potluck

2. Carbon Monoxide- Isabell Moore
3. Wallet Cards- Laurie G
4. Use of FB- Isabell M
5. Egypt- Ben Lassiter
6. Non-Violent Action Mini-Series- Val Warren
7. Political Discussion- Michael Roberto
8. Fliers- Matt D.

In reflections many people agreed that we need to find ways to address how to handle time limits on lengthy discussions so that all proposals and discussions can be heard.

Also- to aid notetaking- could we a box on this page for discussions?


Next Meeting:

Next GA will be Tuesday December 27, 6:30-8:30 pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books.

Facilitator- Lamar
Stack- Avalon
Notes- Bobbi