Occupy Greensboro Supports NCAE Boycott of Art Pope’s Businesses


Occupy Greensboro is proud to stand in solidarity with the North Carolina Association of Educators who called for a boycott of businesses owned by Art Pope.

Pope’s Variety Wholesalers, Inc. is an umbrella company for the stores listed below. He uses the massive profits generated by these discount stores to fund extreme right-wing think tanks, political candidates and other campaigns working to roll back social services that millions of North Carolinians depend on.

He supports anti-public education initiatives that include private school vouchers, cutting public education investment, eliminating professional development programs for educators and instituting merit pay schemes to further undermine our teachers.

Occupy Greensboro calls on the 99% of our city to join the NCAE boycott on Art Pope’s businesses and defend our public schools and their educators!

Boycott the following business run by Art Pope:

  • Roses
  • Maxway
  • Super 10
  • Bargain Town
  • Bill’s Dollar Store
  • Value Mart
  • Treasure Mart
  • Super Dollar

More Information:
NCAE Boycott Flyer: http://bit.ly/sWyRIw
New Yorker Magazine profile on Art Pope: http://nyr.kr/nAkLSQ