Open Discussion: G.A. Process

Description: An open discussion was held on Sunday, December 4, 2011 from 3pm – 4pm just prior to the regularly scheduled General Assembly to discuss the open, democratic decision-making process OGSO has developed. This was intended to be the first of many discussions aimed at crafting a stronger, more accessible and scalable democratic process in Greensboro capable of creating sustainable change.

Discussion facilitator/note taker: Dave R.


  • Introduction go around: names, experience with consensus decision-making.
  • OGSO’s process: strengths and weaknesses/things to be improved

Purpose of General Assembly?
– Organize people who want to join efforts.
– People can find places to fit in.
– Grow the movement.

Strengths (+)
– spontaneity
– ability to draw in new people
– good for people to learn about Working Groups and what they are doing

Weaknesses (Things to be improved)
– Communication between GA and WGs.
– No advanced agendas; people can’t prepare for future meetings.
– Step Up, Step Up needs to be improved.
– WG’s need to send people consistently.
– We should have space in GAs for WGs.
– Need a clear process for making a proposal so new people know how to bring stuff to the GA.
– WGs need to be more open and accessible.


Addendum (12/12/11) by Alex Justis:

Notes regarding the Hub and Spoke Model ideas are missing. I’ve tried to capture the essence of that from the 12/4 GA process discussion in this document. Please let me know if it needs to be modified. It’s publicly available:
HERE (Google Doc) –
AND HERE (PDF Download 65kb) –