Democratic Process Working Group: January 28, 2012

The Democratic Process Working Group met and discussed the following items related to running our General Assemblies. Proposals will continue to be developed to bring to the GA. See the calendar for the next meeting. They are open to everyone.

Notes: Tom B.

Discussion items:

  • Ways to welcome newcomers (TABLED)
  • Review of recent actions (why does it keep getting tabled at GAs?) (TABLED)
  • Idea for proposals – coordinating committee
  • Improving the reflection process (TABLED)
  • Addressing oppressive behavior and things that create feelings of discomfort (TABLED)
  • Dealing with “guest speakers”
  • Building agendas in advance (TABLED)
  • Redefining how we go over ground rules (TABLED)

For guests to the GA, we discussed creating space that allows for meaningful exchanges, rather than just simply everyone being forced to listen, and then moving on.

We decided a coordinating committee that gave advice about how to get proposals ready for presentation to the GA would be a good thing. This committee is designed to address the question “Is the proposal mature enough for the GA to hear and make a decision?” It would hold open meetings every Wednesday or Tuesday night, where any group working on a proposal could go to for help and guidelines about what steps to take next.

Regardless of the opinion of the Coordinating Committee, individuals and groups would be free to take their proposal to the GA if they feel the need to do so. Also, we discussed trying out the coordinating committee on a six-week trial basis to see.