Duke Energy Working Group Meeting Minutes 01/04/12



Note taker:  Al Brilliant

—– The next meeting will take place Wednesday, Jan. 11, 7 p.m., at the bookshop

—– Tonight’s meeting was almost entirely taken up by logistics surrounding our forthcoming Sunday canvass of the Glenwood neighborhood.  Kathleen, Emilie, Kristen, and Al were in attendance.

—– The first half of the meeting dealt with the Energy Canvass Questionaire, which was itself questioned at yesterday’s G.A., where we reached concensus to give the Energy Group permission to conduct the canvass.
     The problems the G. A. discussed had to do with what was perceived as “leading” and “biased” questions for canvassing our neighbors in Glenwood. Those present took these criticisms seriously and edited the questionaire accordingly.
     However, the point of the canvass is not the retrieval of data but primarily empowerment, propriety,  and conversation, getting a petition signed, informing citizenry of rate increases, support, and assistance. The group ignored what to do with the information we obtained, other than to discuss it after the canvassing concluded.
     We agreed that since this is our first experience canvassing, we will not carry expectations into the field with us, not expect anything but what developed, that we would regroup after the initial experience. We discussed ways to put our neighbors (and ourselves) at ease. We singled out two pieces of information we would like to convey and receive: (1) do neighbors know of the threatened rate increase? (2) Are neighbors aware of the N. C. Utilities Commission? We are also anxious to inform neighbors of OWS and OGSO themselves.

—– In addition to canvassing, we passed around copies Kristen made of Chapter 62.

—– Finally, we discussed FLYERS.
     How many should we have (two sheets of paper was the answer)?
     Emergency Resources must be pone flyer . . . and a handout about OGSO itself, giving our website. Also the website about the rate increase.