G.A. Meeting Minutes 01/08/12

GA Sunday January 8, 2012 4:00-6:00 pm at Glenwood Books


Facilitator- John
Stack- Mo
Timekeeper- Mark
whiteboard- Andrew
childcare unknown?


approx. 25 participants/not recorded.


Proposal- civil liberties WG
-yesterday’s International Civil Rights museum panel
-is this a nonviolent movement?
-collaborative and cooperative economics
-meetings with representatives at Occupy Congress



Report backs/ Announcements:
-Jan 16 MLK, Jr. Day Parade.  Meet at 9 am, march begins at 11.
1201 MLK Dr (Benbow Prof. Center)
Planning meeting tom (Monday Jan 9 at 4 at Glenwood)

-Global Climate Change meeting at 8:30 am on Tuesday at Sweet Shop

-Duke Energy WG canvassing began today.  Sundays at 2 meet at Glenwood.

-Media WG next strategic mtg Tuesday at Glenwood at 5:30.

-Civil Liberties next mtg Thursday Jan 12 at 5:30

-Foreclosure group had a small attendance at last mtg,  date needs to be changed  for the state-wide teach-in being planned

-Art Fest happening this week.  Schedule is available on Facebook page and will be posted on the website.  Many of the events are spontaneous and will not be posted on the schedule.

Wed:  7:30 am guerrilla theatre on steps of courthouse, “how to talk to police.” poetry reading at festival park, art show with music at the wash pub

Thurs: reading on Tate St, performance art “Break out of Capitalism”  12:30 at dwntn BOA, 4:00 chaos and harmony at the courthouse.  6:30 potluck mural painting at Amanda’s house (corner of mystic oak and yellow locust)

Friday:  24 hour performance theater, puppet show, DJ by Zack, photo/video show at Glenwood beginning at 4:00.

Mo is collecting artwork to hang in unjuried show titled “Dirty Laundry,”  as well as OGSO sign art.

-Rapid Communication List: 177 people.  If you are not getting emails, please be sure your address is on the list.

– Occupy Congress: bus is reserved.  Leaving at 1:30 am on the morning of Jan 17, to arrive on the west side of the capital to gather with the national rally.  Appointments have been made to visit with Hagan, Burr and Miller to hand deliver letters from Greensboro.  Be back on the bus at 9pm and back to GSO around
3 am on the 18th.  Cost is $40 per seat, accepting sponsors for riders.  checks made payable to Holiday Tours. Also taking cash and credit, refundable if the trip is cancelled.  Deadline for payment is Thursday, Jan 12, see Terrell.

-Health care WG has had low attendance, maybe Fridays are not a good time? Planning public info session at a local park

-Unemployment WG has changed times to Sat mornings at 9:30.

-the Peoples’ Bank currently has $921.18



The proposal made by Mark from the Civil Liberties WG was withdrawn after a 10 minute discussion by the GA.
The proposal was for a Legal Defense fund for OGSO members if arrested in civil disobedience action/ police raid/ other     legal actions taken against OGSO.

Propsed 10% of People’s bank to go to the Legal Defense fund, kept safe and easy to access.

Suggestions:  more discussion is needed ex) being purposefully arrested vs unwillingly…

Does the GA need to consense to the action if civil disobedience?  How will the decision to use funds be made? Possible fundraising?  Pledges vs. donations?

CLWG will continue fleshing out the proposal and bring it back for future GA discussion.  There was general agreement that a lengthy discussion could/ should be had.


Proposals that reached consensus: none.


note taker: Kate Dunnagan



Break from 4:45-5.  People’s Bank bucket passed around. Reflection from 5:45- 6.


Next meeting:

Next GA Tuesday Jan 10 at 6:30 at Glenwood Books.
Facilitator: Mark.  Stack:  Avalon.  Notes: Emiley.


Discussion Notes:

-International Civil Rights Museum panel held yesterday, Sat Jan 7.
4 participants from OGSO.
Presented list of 10 historical GSO events not currently exhibited at ICRM
Discussion with Beloved Community Center about interests, social justice
Conversation to be continued on Jan 21 at 3 pm at Glenwood Library.
Video of panel to be posted online soon.  Emotional situation for  participants.
-Al requested discussion on 2 related issues:
Are we a non-violent movement?  And Can any person or group do a civil disobedience act without consensus from the GA?
Conversation about diversity of tactics…  limited for 10 min due to time constraint.