General Assembly – January 29, 2012

Facilitator: Mark S.
Stack and Timekeeper: John K.
Notetaker: Emiley J.


  • See Jim to join the Rapid Communications List
  • Michael if you want tot participate in the left form get in touch see Cindy
  • Greensboro Currency Project update
  • UNC rate hike action Feb 10, see Juan
  • See John K. about working opportunity involving production, need to have flexible schedule, and can do lots of driving.
  • Pictures from Occupy Charlotte see Donya
  • Dave R. passes peoples bank around. $39 were raised.
  • Glenwood Coffee & Books will be closed on Mondays
  • Occupy High point meets Monday nights

Working group report backs

  • Foreclosure WG: Movie will premier at Carolina Theater on March 14th. Foreclosure Working Group would like to welcome anyone to help promote, recruit, or organize the event. Contacts: or
  • Art and Media WG: Changing to Communications WG meeting Sunday 1pm at Glenwood Coffee & Books Mo Kessler
  • Fundraising and Financing WG: meeting Sunday 3pm at Glenwood Coffee & Books, Terl
  • Employment WG: meeting with city council March 6. Come help create a proposal at the next meeting Sat 9am Glenwood Coffee & Books, Amanda Huber
  • Civil Liberties WG: meeting Thursday 5:30pm Glenwood Coffee & Books
  • Energy WG: meeting Wednesday 7pm at Glenwood Coffee & Book We need canvassers. Contact us at
  • Healthcare WG: possible health fair in the works
  • GA Process WG: working on proposals meeting Tue 5:30pm Glenwood Coffee & Books, contact Dave R.
  • Anti-Oppression WG: discuss the important of welcoming the new comers and support system structures
  • Occupy Congress WG:, Jim and Terl


  • Proposal for OGSO to support the Saving American Democracy Amendment submitted to Congress by Senator Bernie Sanders in Vermont. GA temperature check mostly stand aside. Tabled to Tue Jan. 31, 2012. See Marshall for more information.
  • Art and Media WG propose website restructuring. Proposal passed with consensus. See Dave R. for more information.


  • Electoral politics
  • Flyer

Next Meetings

  • Tuesday Jan. 31, 2012
    Facilitator: Emiley Joyce 336-430-2575
    Stack Keeper: Dave Reed
    Timekeeper: Mo Kessler
    Notetaker: None
  • Sunday Feb 4, 2012
    Facilitator: John Kernodle
    Stack Keeper: Bobbie Sooner
    Timekeeper: None
    Notetaker: Tom