General Assembly: January 31, 2012

Facilitating: Emily
Stack: Dave
Notes: Tom


  • Website Management Team meeting Sunday at 12:30 pm
  • ArtCommunication/Media WG meeting 1:00 Sunday
  • Unemployment WG: City economic development is holding a meeting on March 6th. Hoping to present some ideas to them about what can be done about employment issues.
  • Energy WG: Meeting every Wednesday at 7pm
  • Al’s dream announcement: Hopes the community can buy the building and turn it into a community center
  • Postal service – not closing Four Seasons until May. More time to take action against the closing.
  • Die Capital premeires Thursday!

No proposals


  • Two topics that have not been approached: 1. ecology, 2. militarism. Why?
  • Outreach to newcomers (TABLED)
  • Content produced by the GA–how can we create statements of solidarity to send to the media?

Notes: Kym
Stack: Donya
Facilitator: Paul