General Assembly Notes: January 3, 2012

This General Assembly was facilitated by Juliana. We agreed to use two new hand signals in place of the “direct response”. These were the “clarifying question” and “point of information.”

Announcements & Working Group Reports

  • Rapid Response email list update
  • MLK Day Parade: Application was submitted.
  • Occupy Congress trip planning meeting is Thursday @ 7pm.
  • Civil Liberties Working Group meeting is Thursday @ 5:30pm.
  • Open Discussion on media work will continue next Tuesday @ 5:30pm.
  • Foreclosure Working Group meetings are now at 8:30am on Thursdays at Spring Garden Bakery.
  • Foreclosure Working Group may be hosting a statewide strategy workshop on February 4th.
  • Rev. Johnson and the BCC are holding a teach-in about the Latin Kings case next Sunday.


  • OGSO GA endorsement of the Occupy Congress trip: CONSENSUS
  • Reinstate GA’s on Friday: TABLED
  • Start an intentioal discussion forum on Sundays from 2pm-4pm: TABLED
  • Education group is working on a census of groups and communities in Greensboro. Asking for GA approval: CONSENSUS
  • Financial Working Group: Reimburse Al for some small expenses from the Walkupy events. Finance Group would be able to reimburse Al up to $100 without GA consent in the future: CONSENSUS


  • Reflection on last Sunday’s GA discussion about race.
  • What is the process for proposals of solidarity actions with other groups?
  • Announcement of Latin Kings case teach-in by Rev. Johnson and the BCC.
  • Should there be a time limit for proposals and discussions?
  • Discussion of the upcoming Occupy panel at the Civil Rights Museum