Foreclosure Working Group: February 2, 2012

In attendance: David-facilitator, Jane, Chrisitna, Loretta, Nathan, Kevin, Bobbie, Mo, Todd, Marnie, Ricky, Sanda

Todd working on magazine to hand out at premier

Website – David working on website, is almost ready to go, just needs some info filled in, will be ready Tuesday 02-07-2012, and out with trailer and text. Kevin will send trailer to David and is also doing Kickstarter, description and text for trailer by Tuesday.

Publicity – the meeting was about kickstart, Mo handled communication with designers, and will be getting better stills and in next meeting on Monday the 11th will discuss a more detailed publicity plan.

Program Committee – Marnie had detailed handout, Julie will be go to person at premier, Jane and Nathan will be in charge of bullet point, “Hold the banks accountable“, Julie will be in charge of “Dig out evidence of fraud,“ where Jeff will give training for evidence of fraud and will also be doing web based training, Todd will take point on “Create connections into hard-hit communities,“ Beth will help connect OF to people for “Tell your story,” bullet point, and Dave will do point on “Foreclose on DNC“.

Discussed need for rehearsal for the premier and that someone will be needed to tape event and possible provisions for extending the rental space if needed. Booth of those educated in foreclosure questions may be provided.

Sandra made announcement for Pushback Network. The next planning meeting for the Bank of America is Monday February 6th from 2-4pm in Raleigh NC at NC Justice Center.

Mo is taking point on a field guide to foreclosure resistance. Jane and Loretta are going to provide facts for zine and Mo will handle graphics.

Meeting adjourned.