Foreclosure Working Group – February 23, 2012

Facilitator: Marnie
Notes: Bobbi

ForcloseBot 2000

ForcloseBot 2000

Meeting was focused on planning for March 14 event: Save Our Community: Fight Foreclosure!


  • We need to find 5 people at GA on Sunday who will dedicate their time to see this event happen. Their commitment only has to last for three weeks
  • Encourage people to take this issue to the other groups they are a part of and to increase excitement/buy-in
  • We need to be reminding people that this event will “turn the tide on organizing around foreclosure in Greensboro” (Marnie, Feb. 23, 2012, personal communication).
  • Kevin and Bobbie will bottomline recruitment of support volunteers
  • One of the goals for the premiere is to connect people to the help that they need
  • Christina and Tom will bottomline the interactive Foreclosure Storycore project
  • Mitch and Cindy are bottomlining/working on the other resources for the 14th
  • Julie is bottomlining work on fraud detection


  • Dave is bottomlining getting a link on the front page of the website
  • We need to send the link to as many of our contacts as possible and encourage them to forward it as well

Press Release

  • Nathan has sent us the draft of the first press release. We have until 8:00 AM on Friday to provide any feedback
  • The information on the press releases will increase weekly
  • If you have information to include on a press release, including new relationships with groups (such as possibly the IRC), contact Nathan.

MoveOn support

  • Our trailer has been approved by MoveOn National, but will only be sent out several days beforehand
  • Nathan will try to convince MoveOn that we should be vetting the emails several times before the premiere

IRC March

  • Mitch is bottomlining
  • Todd will recruit more people to help Mitch organize the logistics
  • Flyers

    • Mo will get them translated
    • People are taking the flyers wherever they go
    • Copies will be available at Glenwood Coffee & Books as well as F4DC office. Contact Dave R. for copies
    • People should flyer everywhere and talk to everyone that they can about the event & issue
    • Kevin and Bobbie will bottomline mailing flyers to addresses listed in Foreclosures Notices in the newspaper
    • Nathan is going to contact Huffington Post

    Next week’s meeting: Bobbie is facilitating, Todd is notetaking