General Assembly: February 12, 2012

Facilitator: Thomas
Stack Keeper: Maria
Notes: Tiffany

Announcements & Working Group Report Backs

  • Last Tuesday the City Council approved a resolution to oppose the North Carolina Amendment 1, the Marriage Discrimination Amendment that will be on the ballot May 8th. Those who voted for the resolution totally believe in equal rights. You can go to the Greensboro website and see the entire meeting, or just agenda item #33, which was the item about the amendment. We might consider taking this resolution to the County Commissioners.
  • Saturday, February 25th statewide General Assembly in Raleigh. Have a van that fits 15, and only 8 seats have been taken so far. Passed around sign-up but can also contact Jim at
  • February 21st is the next City Council meeting. At that meeting an agenda item is about Participatory Budgeting. PB will be addressed as speakers from the floor in the early part of the council meeting. A PB Information Session will be at the bookstore next Sunday at 2pm.
  • The Inside Job, and hour and half documentary. Jane has the movie and is looking for those who are interested in a viewing.
  • Energy Working Group: Canvassing every Sunday 2-4 in the Glenwood neighborhood. Meeting every other Wednesday at 7 pm until 8:30. Next meeting this Wednesday.
  • Art/Media/Communication WG: We are starting a flyering effort. Al is bottomlining the distribution of flyers, so contact him if you have time to put these up and around. We are also revisiting the yard signs idea, possible sign-making party and getting those distributed. Jo is looking into this. Jim is going to be the bottomliner to correspond with other movements.
  • Foreclosure WG: Meets at Spring Garden Bakery at 8:30 in the mornings on Thursdays. Plugging the viewing of the movie at the Carolina Theater on March 14th. Event will give audience education and ways to plug in to fight foreclosure. Please post and repost the trailer and promotional material for the event.
  • Collective Access/Anti-Oppression WG: We had more conversations about safety and the bookstore and the Electricity Fund. Next meeting Friday at 5:30.
  • Transition Greensboro: Piedmont/Triad Sustainability Project. Looking at regional plans and issues about jobs and transportation. They have several working groups that people can get involved in. Contact Kathe at
  • Tuesday 14th at 2 pm, Keystone Pipeline protest. Going to Kay Hagan’s office on Green Valley to oppose her support. Contact Julia for more info
  • Die Capital!, Conner Maclean’s performance. Thanks to those who got that to happen here.
  • Thank all the occupiers who marked on HKonJ. Rousing success. New solidarity brewing.


  • Proposal for OGSO to support of Bernie Saunders’ Senate Resolution 33, US Amendment to End Corporate Personhood; get government to regulate corporate spending in elections, thereby overturning Citizens’ United. Letters to Sens. Hagan and Burr, Reps. Coble and Miller expressing this support are written and will be sent; amended to include Rep. Watt. CONSENTED
  • Proposal for May Day March and Working Group. The “working group [will] serve as the foundation for building a coalition with local immigrant rights groups, labor unions, and various other community organizations.” Contact Julie at CONSENTED
  • Proposal for OGSO to accept the “Charlotte Principles” (similar to a “points of unity” statement) developed by the Coalition to Protest the DNC for the purpose of working with the Coalition. TABLED UNTIL TUESDAY (TALK ABOUT DNC)

Discussions These were tabled due to lack of time following the proposal discussions.

  • Chapel Hill Talk Back. TABLED
  • Unity Proposal for coalition via FB for Occupy groups in NC. TABLED
  • Statement of thanks to city council. TABLED
  • Tuesday meeting time. TABLED

Next Meeting (Tuesday @ 6:30pm)
Facilitator: Valerie
Stack Keeper: Donya
Notes: Dave

Sunday Meeting @ 4:00pm
Facilitator: Marnie
Stack Keeper: Andrew
Notes: Kim