General Assembly: February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Facilitator: Valerie
Notes: Dave
Stack: Donya

Valerie reminds us that we used to be more clear and intentional about the Ground Rules. We clearly went over the GR’s.


  • Ground Rules:
    Assume good intent of everyone;
    We don’t talk over each other;
    Step Up/Step Up;
    Try not to restate what others have said if you agree with it.;
    Remember this is a work in process. By committing to it and providing positive feedback, we will refine it.;
    If someone experiences oppressive language or behavior, please bring it up so we can deal with it then. This space is committed to being a supportive one.;
    Hand signals are gone over.


  • Website: In process. and will be online soon.
  • Graphic Design-focused Facebook page is online.
  • Finance Working Group needs to clarify reimbursement procedures
  • There may be funding for Occupy Organizers available from some Unions. Interested people directed to Facebook group.
  • OGSO Banner was discussed briefly.
  • Energy Working Group meeting tomorrow may be postponed.


  • Participatory Budgeting at City Council: OGSO’s Tuesday GA will begin at 7pm. Carpool to City Council will leave GC&B at 5pm. The GA has not yet heard a proposal to endorse PB. This time change is only to allow those interested in PB to be able to be at City Council. CONSENSED
  • Support work Greenpeace and other groups are doing around Duke Energy: Greenpeace’s letter to Duke Energy will be posted to the OGSO Website. TABLED – Letter can go up on the Facebook Group.


  • Outreach
  • Long-term vision of OGSO movement.
  • Statement about the City Council vote on resolution related to Amendment 1.