General Assembly: February 28, 2012


Please sign up to assist with Canvassing the Glenwood Community on Energy Issues! We need your help! Every Sunday (except when the weather is below 40 and raining) from 2-3:30 pm, meeting first at Glenwood Coffee and Books.


Proposal for Occupy Greensboro to co-sponsor an event on April 28, 2012 with Beloved Community Center entitled “Our Responsibility During the Collapse of Law.” This is a summit of local community members and organizations to discuss the impacts and responses to the militarization of the police. This event will feature Chicago-based civil rights attorney Flint Taylor.

It was decided due to the small group not to ask for consensus on the proposal at this time, although a temperature check was taken and all present were in support of the proposal. The proposal will be presented again at the next GA for further input.

Foreclosure Working Group requests help in the following areas to make the March 14, 2012 “Save Our Community, Fight Foreclosure” event a success (this was a long announcement so it was moved to the discussion area of the meeting):

  1. People are needed to flyer in the broader community
  2. We need committments for people to personally contact or phone at least 10 people and ask them to attend.
  3. Make announcements at church or civic groups about the events (contact the Foreclosure working group if you would like one of them to help you present this information)
  4. Keep sharing the Kickstarter campaign – more than $550 has been raised so far!
  5. Go to GGNA Thursday night (Lynn will attend)
  6. Go to Flatiron on Open Mic night an announce
  7. Flyer at the W-S protest on Wednesday and announce at the event

Several people volunteered for the various activities!

Open Discussion Topic: Is there something that Occupy can do to challenge the way that christianity and other religions are used in political discussions as a force for conservatism and work to make them more humane?
Many people commented and shared their viewpoints on this topic. In fact, during the course of the conversation everyone participated! Thom is going to start a discussion/working group around this topic.