General Assembly: February 7, 2012

Paul had the honor of being this evening’s facilitator, and Al had the honor of taking the minutes. Donya was the stack keeper, someone pointing out that stack-keeper was the best experience to become an Occupy General Assembly facilitator. This evening’s was an abbreviated general assembly (G.A.), 6:30—7:30, because Sunday’s G.A. consented to Tuesday’s leaving early to attend the Greensboro City Council meeting, in order to urge the elected officials to vote for a resolution to oppose the Discriminatory Amendment to the N. C. Constitution on May 8, Amendment # 1.

The G. A. began with the Ground Rules, after a brief Check-In.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: [And please remember that this record is merely the reflection of one member and in no way a perfect or “official” recording.]

  • The NAACP is providing a bus to the Raleigh March February 11, “Jobs for Justice.”
  • Ed’s Saturday Morning Teach-in, on Co-operatives, has been postpond (because of the afore-mentioned march);
  • There will be a Winston-Salem Public Forum on the recent N. C. Legislature’s toxic behavior, this Thursday Night, 7 o’clock, 1st Baptist Church;
  • Terl can’t to Finance fund-raising anymore.
  • Duke Energy has been paid $448.21, the entire amount due, of S.’s electricity bill, an obligation undertaken by OGSO when we were at the “Y” tenting grounds in October!
  • The City Council Event (see above) was reviewed.

DISCUSSION: There being no “proposals,” the G. A. went into “Discussion,” and there was only one discussion in this shortened meeting. Dave introduced a full report on the altercation at Glenwood Coffee & Books continued on the parking lot outside with a neighbor. This neighbor was inebriated and extremely hostile and threatening, Dave reported, his testimony backed up by the other witness and victim of this behavior, Maureen. The neighbor’s behavior was grounds for a charge of “criminal assault.” All participated in the discussion, which was also referred to the Collective Process/Anti-Oppression and other groups for further debriefing and deliberation. Al declared that, by request and after due consideration, he was going to tell this neighbor that he was no longer welcome in the coffee/bookshop, in addition to changing the locks; there was no lack of consensus or disagreement with this otherwise unilateral declaration, unilateral because those affected were a paid employee of the shop and its most serious volunteer, in addition to being Occupy G. A. members, and they were engaged in bookshop business when the assault took place, it being Al’s responsibility to provide a safe space.

Respectfully submitted,