Collective Access/Anti-Oppression Working Group: March 3, 2012

Paul facilitated. Al was the Minutes-Taker.

We congradulated Todd on his NPR interview. Lynn saw to it lights were turned out in the bookshop to save electricity. We met from 5:30 until 7:00, and nothing was carried forward from the previous meeting.


Two topics were considered: (1) Al’s report and a discussion about the April 28 “Rule of Law” Conference, here in Greensboro; (2) Recent break-ins in Lynn’s neighborhood and the entire subject of what could a community do to protect itself and respond to crime with minimum or no police involvement.

New ideas that came up during #1 (above) were “Bagdadization;” a protest at the new sheriff’s department multi-million-dollar jail; community self-reliance.

During “Reflections,” Lynn brought up the question of why a second topic or any topic but the first seldom has a chance of being adequately discussed at Occupy Greensboro.

It was thought that if we were more conscientious about time and had a time-keeper, than topics further down the list would have their chance. We consented to try this strategy at our next meeting.

Respectfully considered,