Foreclosure Working Group: March 15, 2012

Save Our Community: Fight Foreclosure event debrief

  • Fox8, WXII TV12 and News14 sent reporters, video to cover. Fox8 broadcast stories twice.
  • Consensus was that the march went very well with a good sized crowd
  • Limo arrival was enthusiastically received and a lot of fun
  • Lobby tables were very active with a lot of folks signing up for assistance and information
  • Theater band conflicted with red carpet arrival since they were playing while the film’s stars appeared, could have been better planned to avoid that conflict.
  • Attendance was estimated at minimum 351. General feeling was that the real number was significantly higher.
  • MC, John Kernodle ruled the event. Excellent job engaging the audience, making points on the seriousness of the crisis, introducing robots and Jeff Thigpen.
  • Interview with Ricky was powerful and encouraged other foreclosure victims to come forward with their own stories.
  • Movie itself was very well received. Audience laughed at the satirical scenes and were engaged in the explanation of the serious consequences of mass foreclosures. A Legal Aid lawyer commented after the movie that it did a great job explaining job explaining a lot of complicated issues.
  • Thigpen speech, he was warmly welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd who wanted to hear about his foreclosure law suit. We could have benefited from providing more guidance on the subject of his talk.
  • Lobby activities, space was very crowded due to number of tables and large number of attendees. Ushers could have used better direction in collecting signups and distributing flyers. Recommend creating checklists of tasks for all categories of volunteers.
  • Funding, Kickstarter still short of target donations, but very close. Need to spread word about Kickstarter to boost donations.
  • FWG members need to bring receipts for expenses incurred to next meeting to get reimbursement.


  • Dates for events coming up: 4/19, 4/26, 4/26, 3/31, 4/6, 4/10
  • Bobbie reports she has 8 requests for LLOH DVD’s for various screenings across the state.
  • May Day event: focus on organized labor events and participation. Immigration issues a pressing topic for future actions.
  • Larry Morse to speak at BCC 6:30pm
  • YWCA event, Women in Foreclosure
  • Guilford College screening of “Let’s Lose Our House” @ 5:30pm
  • Fraud Detection Training, 29 attendees have signed up
  • Screening of “The House We Live In” at Glenwood Coffee
  • LLOH screening at UNCG @ 1:00 pm