Foreclosure Working Group: March 8, 2012

This is a compilation of notes from our last two meetings on 3/1/12 and 3/8/12. As always, our meetings are every Thursday, 8:30 am at Spring Garden Bakery. All are welcome.

We are in our final push to organize the March 14 event: Save Our Community: Fight Foreclosure! The event will start at 7 pm.
Event page here:

IRC march
There will be a meal served by Unity church at 5:30pm. Mitch M. is the point person on this. All are welcome. Cakalak Thunder will play; Nego is the point person on this. Katie Y. will help assemble marchers at 6:15pm. Leave by 6:30pm to march to theater. Will S. will be work with the City for special events permitting.

Todd and Tom B. did a Lunch-and-Learn at the IRC announcing the event and had a good discussion with about 15-18 folks. Need to get some follow up fliers to the IRC – Dave R. is making them.

We have gotten some good press leading up to the event. Nathan P. has been updating with several great, professionally written press releases. Todd got a good 2-3 spot on Voices and Viewpoints with WFDD that will re-air the day of the event. Bobbie and Kevin did a great interview with Jeri Rowe for the News and Record ran on Fri on page 2. Todd spoke at City Council as a speaker from the floor for the March 6th meeting announcing the event, inviting council and the general public. It has been airing on public access.

Participants/Supporters of Event
We are really building a broad coalition of support with this event. Participants include:

  • Jeff Thigpen, Guilford County Register of Deeds- featured speaker
  • outreach, tabling for Hold the Banks Accountable table
  • Guilford County Home Ownership Center- providing counseling to folks facing foreclosure
  • Greensboro Housing Coalition- providing counseling to folks facing foreclosure
  • Interactive Resource Center- supporter and sponsoring
  • Partners Ending Homelessness
  • Unity Church- providing meal at the IRC
  • YWCA- supporter and providing transport from their winter emergency shelter, hosting follow up event
  • NC Justice Center- will table that night and host a follow up training teaching people how to investigate mortgage fraud on March 31 (prob at Central Library).
  • Occupy Greensbro’s CA/A0 working group is helping will table that night and is helping to organize three follow up events including a talk/discussion with the YWCA on intersections of women and the housing crisis, a talk/discussion with the BCC on intersections of race and the housing crisis, and a public movie showing of The House We Live In.
  • UNCG and Guilford have both signed up for subsequent showings of Let’s Lose Our House: A Modern Foreclosure Tale.

Kickstarter is currently at $1,614.00! We are over halfway. Donations will be taken at the event. Encourage people to give what they can and continue to send the link:

Make personal phone calls! Everyone should have contacted AT LEAST 10 people with a commitment to come out on Wed. did a phone tree reaching out to 3000 people! Thank you! Fliers are available at bookstore, post on fb and email.

Program/ Evening Logistics
Basic flow of the program is: march from IRC, red carpet intro of “stars,” seating, intro, personal foreclosure stories, movie, Jeff Thigpen, rousing get active speech from John K, lobby conversations, sign ups, story corp, Q and A, rousing send off!
Theater will open at 3 pm to start set up.

Folks doing tables, story corp booths etc need to come between 4 and 5 to set up materials.
Tables are as follows:

  • Hold Banks Accountable- MoveOn
  • Follow Up Events table- CA/AO; Maria R and Mark S
  • Training for Mortgage Fraud Detection – NC Justice Center, Rochelle Sparko and Julie K
  • Partners Ending Homelessness and IRC table
  • Foreclosure Counseling- GSO Housing Coalition and Home Ownership Center
  • Occupy as a Strategy- sign up and info for folks interested in direct action foreclosure resistance- Katie Y. and Julie S.
  • Occupy Greensboro general info table- Emiley J.
  • Need clipboards for collecting info- Marnie and/or Julie?
  • Marnie and Dave generating text for zine and will coordinate about layout with Mo who did illustrations
  • Early Smith is our event coordinator/ stage manager for the evening. If you are a participant, once the event starts do what she says! She is the one keeping the whole program on track!
  • Usher training at 5pm at the theater. All ushers need to be present for this.
  • QR needs to be checked
  • Christina Stone and Tom B have been filming personal foreclosure stories; at least one of these will air prior to movie. They will also person a story corp booth
  • Kristian Hultgren of Deep River Productions will be there to help with story corp booth as well video and photo of event
  • GSO bear will also do video and photo of event
  • John K will emcee! Thanks John! Marnie and Todd put together talking points for program and John is good with them. John has tux and cane, needs top hat…
  • Cars being coordinated for Red Carpet drop off
  • Need retro hats for ushers- box for hats at Glenwood Coffee. John K has a bunch as well.
  • Alyzza will be our people counter to get an accurate count.
  • Dave and Alex will be in the robot suits doing robot things
  • Steve T and company will be playing old time music acoustically on the mezzanine as people enter
  • There will be a Q&A session after the movie, but only after folks have a chance to mill around and sign up for stuff. We will play this by ear. Todd and John K will handle this.
  • May need Mr. Microphone for Q&A. Dave will bottomline getting it there.

FWG meeting
Yes- we will meet the next day at 9am at Spring Garden Bakery. Cause we’re nuts like that.