General Assembly: March 13, 2012

Facilitator: Emiley J.
Notetaker: Emiley J.
Stack: none needed
Time: none needed
11 Participants

Rules and Hand Signals

Announcements, Discussion Topics, and Proposals.

  • Foreclosure premier “Lets Lose our House”
  • Matt Dean, Social currency will no longer be on thursdays, see Matt for next meeting.
  • Mark, discussion topic, How are we using reflections?
  • Daniel, new to meeting, He has an issue that is important to him and would like to propose a working group to the General Assembly.
  • Proposal: New agenda. To split into working groups instead of proposals and discussion. Proposed groups, Foreclosure promotion working group to take an hour to pass out flyers. General Assembly process and discussion working group working with our new participant Daniel to help him build and plan a proposal and welcoming him into the process. Discussion and Questions. Consensus PASSES
  • No reflections.