General Assembly: March 25, 2012

Facilitator: Maria R.
Stack: John K.
Notes: Dave R.

Introduction and Go-Round, Ground Rules, Hand Signals

Working Group Report Backs

  • Foreclosure Working Group. Big couple of weeks. March 14 event was big success. We are now getting lots of inquiries for help. Emails from all over the country. Over-subscribed for the mortgage fraud detection training this weekend. Saturday from 9-11:30 at the Nussbaum Room in the main library. 40-50 people already signed up. Training to get people to review case files for foreclosure proceedings. The data gathered needs to be maintained and archived. Surprised to find there are data management problems within the revolution. The Rachel Maddow Show raised the profile of this work to a very high level. This poses issues for the time resource for OGSO.
  • Energy WG: Meeting on March 28, 7pm at GC&B. Still working on canvassing. Canvassing data will be turned into a radio drama. Creative writing session will be at Sessions Bar on Spring Garden St.
  • CAAO: Meet on Fridays at 5:30pm. Talked about Open Mic event at GC&B. Proposal will be offered later. Will do a relationship training before open mic to focus on Amendment One work. Blind Tiger event mentioned. Amendment One stuff is on the calendar. CAAO is helping with foreclosure stuff. April 6- movie screening about race and foreclosure at GC&B. Other events coming up. Watch the Calendar.
  • Food & Gardening: Tabling at People’s Market in Glenwood first Sat of each month. Table will do seed/plant swap and give-aways.
  • Amendment One WG: Benefit show tonight at the Blind Tiger. They need volunteers. People can go over tonight after the GA meeting.


  • Justice Party petition to get third part on the ballot in NC. Petitions passed around for anyone interested in getting a third option on the ballot.
  • Two more screenings of Foreclosure movie. Tomorrow at Guilford College at 5pm.
  • BofA Pushback meeting at GC&B next Sunday. We may need a WG dedicated to BofA work to take load off of FWG. The BofA shareholder mtg is coming up and folk are organizing around it.
  • Transition GSO: Planting a permaculture garden at the IRC. Teaching gardening and planting stuff. Need help. Looking to expand garen around the entire building. May 19 – reskilling workshop at farmers market. May 23 – Joanna Macy, 7-9pm.
  • Touring Theatre – now booking shows starting April 15 for Amendment One show. April 20, 8pm show will be at GC&B. See John K. if you want to help with a talkback after the show.


  • Setting up a WG on Conscientious Objection. TABLED as an announcement.
  • CAAO: Use $150 to buy food for the cookout on Thursday. Amendment for up to $250 to pay for local food. Donya will bottom-line. CONSENSUS on amended proposal.
  • Abbreviated GA next week to join the cookout with BofA folks.
  • Amendment: Move the GA to 6pm-8pm. CONSENSUS.


  • Foreclosure Working Group stuff.