General Assembly: April 1, 2012

Might have person to discuss inner working of mortgage fraud

Facilitator: Kevin
Stack: Nathan

Working Group Reports
Note: We Need more working group report backs than the few we got today.

  • CAAO: Discussed enthusiasm with cook out and open mic and concern with $$$. Discussed discourse on facebook.
  • Foreclosure WG– Mortgage fraud detection training happened led by Rochelle Sparko. Second training scheduled for April 14 9 am at Glenwood Coffee and books 1310 Glenwood Ave. There will be a video of training that took place Saturday. Next meeting Thursday 8:30 am Spring Garden Coffee.
  • May Day WG: Mayday meeting happened Saturday at 5pm next meeting Monday April 8 at 5:30 pm


  • Sometime in April there will be a speaker talking about corporate fraud in politics
  • Americorp is cleaning out house in Glenwood Date April 6-7. At Servants center contact Bobbie
  • Johns theater group gave shout outs to Occupy Greensboro in interview.
  • State senate is possibly going to vote to lower number of signatures needed to get political parties included in electoral proceedings
  • Occupy Alamance meets May Memorial Library this Sunday April 8


  • Proposal to pay back Todd $60 to pay overlay from cookout- the Money + $7 was raised in GA by passing the hat. Passed


  • Mortgage fraud detection
  • Reflections from Cookout- Carol brought awesome food. It was the Jam. Shout outs to Carol (states unnamed source)
  • Consensus and Blocking
  • What is Direct Action?


Upcoming GA 4-8

  • Facilitator – John K
  • Stack – Mark S