General Assembly: April 22, 2012

Facilitator: Valerie W
Stack: Kathe
Notes: Emiley J

Rules and Hand Signals

Report Backs

  • Foreclosure Working Group completed Mortgage fraud training. Plans to organize more training
  • May Day- 5pm Governmental plaza. Need people to help with food organizing for May Day talk to Tom or join the discussion on occupy website.
  • CAAO- April 28 Love is the Answer.willing to buy food keep in freezer, volunteers day of the event, and need people with trucks who can help move stuff.
  • Energy Working Group- Speaker from NC WARN Wed 4-25-12 7pm-9pm. Planning around radio drama, canvassing/ petition for Annual Rate Hike, media, and movie nights.
  • Media- group meet to teach how to use media to support occupy events
  • Al, Possible new working group, Boys Group to learn more and talk about women’s health rights.


  • Leaders theater against Amendment One, for show schedule
  • Sat April 28, 9-4 $20 trulient federal credit union, training session community based
  • *enterprises and worker cooperatives
  • Sat April 28 food garden at IRC.
  • May 9 BOA corporate meeting. Collation Against Corporate Power can provide rides to Charlotte.


  • Occupy inviting a speaker from planned parent hood speak to general assembly to address us on women’s health and have The boys working group bottom line the planning. PASSED


  • Start a new working group. Resolution Working Group.
  • Leadership and outreach development


Tue 4-24-12

  • Facilitator:Tom but will be late

Sunday 4-29-12

  • Facilitator:Emiley
  • Stack: Bobbie
  • Notes: Lamar