General Assembly Notes: April 15, 2012

Facilitator: Nathan
Notes: Dave


Ground Rules & Hand Signals


  • Transition Greensboro is doing a number of Spring Events. Edible Garden at the IRC on April 28th. Re-skilling Festival at the Farmer’s Market. See Kathe L.
  • Race, Wealth & the Housing Crash program with Larry Morse at the BCC on April 19th.
  • NC Coalition Against Corporate Power demonstration on May 9th at the Bank of America shareholders meeting. There are bus seats from Greensboro. No charge for bus ticket. See Todd.
  • Several events happening at GC&B related to anti-Amendment One work. Mo is throwing herself a birthday party against the Amendment on April 4th around 7:30pm.
  • Awards.
  • Tomorrow night at Glenwood Library is a community meeting about the closing of the Four Seasons Post Office at 7pm. See Sandra for more information.

Working Group Report Backs

  • Foreclosure Working Group: Working on a lot stuff. We had an event with Occupy Raleigh around home defense. That work is still ongoing. We are creating a “Foreclosure Home Owners Group” for people who are experiencing this crisis to get some support and share their stories. The Mortgage Fraud Detection training will be NEXT Saturday at GC&B at 1pm (Talk to Todd). Still getting lots of emails from around the country about spreading this fraud detection work. Other groups that do legal work around foreclosure are close to coming out in favor of more action-focused efforts to stem this crisis because of our work. Meetings are still at Spring Garden Bakery on Thursday at 8:30am.
  • Art/Communication/Media Working Group: Website update. Need more people to get involved.

No proposals offered today.


  • Recent assaults on Women’s Rights
  • Organizing for May Day
  • Public relations skill share planning