Foreclosure Working Group: April 26, 2012

11 in attendance
Nat facilitating
Todd note taker




  • MFD training was a great success. Never got to small groups but we went through one entire file. Trainees were very engaged and thorough. Approx 20 in attendance. Marnie has draft of codebook available. Senior detectives will review it- this will be used when we meet one on one in
  • Bank of America Shareholder Protest Wed May 9th . FREE Bus to Charlotte on leaving 6:30 am May 9th and likely returning mid-afternoon. Invite folks to ride!
  • May 10th, Hands Off Our Homes in Charlotte organized by Right to the City Alliance. We will be presenting about the movie event and the Mortgage Fraud Detection. We need to take DVDs with us of the movie- Barbara will talk to Kevin about getting DVDs. Todd has room in his car to take folks on May 10th. Will leave at 7 am and return around 6 pm.

Discussion Topics

  • Agreement to make a decision about if we will have a change of meeting space. As we grow bigger, it is getting harder and harder to hear everyone attending.
  • Big picture discussion as to vision, strategy and tactics.

•   whether maybe we might form a committee to focus on outreach to folks in foreclosure
•    housing as a human right, home ownership as freedom
•    how to deal with day to day calls; folks that want to join in what we are doing
•    not a question of either/or- it is both/and
•    emotional support of folks in foreclosure
•    how to deal with legal issues for folks in foreclosure
•    need a proposal for direction of what a “support for folks in foreclosure” committee will look like- Mike,Laurie, Rick, Jane and Mitch will help bottom-line this group. this sub-committee will meet in the coming week and come up with a proposal for guideline/ focus of this group.
•    need to be careful about giving advice that we are not qualified to give
•    legal info, court cases and other foreclosure related public info that could be helpful should be submitted to Dave Reed to be posted on the website. We need to be clear that this is not legal advice, but that this info could be very helpful. Email at
•    possible every 2-3 months folks in foreclosure committee could help us think about organizing a public action around HAMP and other issues impacting the public right now