General Assembly: April 29th, 2012

Facilitator: Emiley J
Stack: Nathan P
Notes: Julie D

Rules and Hand Signals

Report Backs

  • Energy Working Group (Julie D) met with Connie Leeper of NC Warn on 4/25/12 about information surrounding the Annual Rate Hike Bill.  We are considering partnering with her/them. The Creative Writing Group will meet on May 9th at Sessions from 7pm to 9pm to continue developing a radio play based on the Annual Rate Hike Bill.  Energy Work Group Meetings are currently being held at Glenwood Coffee and Books on Sundays from 2 to 3:30.
  • May Day (John) event being held at Governmental Plaza at 5 pm.  Lots of speakers, FLOC and Immigrants Rights and Labor will be having a play.
  • Resolution Working Group – 7 – 10 people met about overturning Citizens United.  MariKay A. and Nancy H. supporters – sending letters out for resolution.   Brian reported that the Amendment One rally had lots of food and speakers on 4/28 with about 500 to 700 people.  Overall raised awareness for May 8th.
  • Food (Julia):  Bring food, plates, cups, metal forks, table cloths.  Saul @ Guilford College checking on a water spigot donation.  Valerie W. brought a box of metal utensils for Bookstore usage but can use for other events.
  • Foreclosure Working Group (Jane): Todd is continuing meetings about fraud detection and training is moving ahead for statistically correct sampling.  Need /attempt to support people in foreclosure to get involved.  Email Jane for meeting at her house to talk with people going through foreclosure – may involve just a phone call.  Planning a meeting on 5/1 to volunteer to help others.  Purpose of separate committee is opportunity to focus on: data collection and neglecting outreach in community for those who are in foreclosure. May contact Julianne Knight or Julia.
  • Boys Group (Al): Working group in process to assist in women issues, i.e. reproductive health issues.  GA consent for Kristine from Planned Parenthood to be invited here are May 9th.
  • Jane – Bus for BOA to Charlotte on May 9th – FREE BUSRIDE–  There is information on the NC Coalition Against Corporate Power website.  Plenty of room still on the bus.


  •  John – Amendment One, phone banking, College Park, need significant media attention.  Also, 2nd Class Readers Theatre on 4/30 at the IRC at 7:30, on 5/1 Temple Emanuel 7:30, on 5/3 at The Elm St. Center at 7:30…further dates can be found at  This connects to Amendment 1 voting, drawing folks in to understand the issue.
  •  Valerie – Phone banking every night this week from 5 to 9 pm until Vote on May 8th.  Contact Val if interested in volunteering.
  •  John – One guerilla performance for News Media for John Edwards trial.


  • Julia – Nature of proposal is to have Tuesday’s GA at Governmental Plaza after May Day Event.  PASSED
  • Valerie – Energy Working Group to have one hour of GA time for presentation/NC Warn Guest: Connie Leeper on May 13th.  PASSED


  • Julia – Discussing idea of outdoor space for future GA’s being outside now that the weather is nicer and to be more visible in community.
  •  Trixie – DNC – Idea for OGSO to assist other Occupy groups coming here who may need help with housing and/or busing, in an effort to take some responsibility for other groups.
  • Ed – Pass the peoples bank – and we did.


Tuesday, 5/1

  • General Assembly will be held at Governmental Plaza after May Day Event (around 6:30)
  • Facilitator – Tentatively, Valerie W (co-facilitate)
  • Notes – Julia
  • Stack –  to be determined

Sunday, 5/6

  • Co-facilators: John K and Paul
  • Notes – to be determined
  • Stack – Barbara