General Assembly: May 13, 2012

Baby Meeting Notes: GA 05.13.12, 04:10

This Sunday’s meeting came about organically with five persons sitting with Al sharing info about the BoA protest. Al began, then Barbara Council and Barbara Carrano shared their experiences, as others arrived and entered the conversation.

Next, B. Carrano reported back re: the Foreclosure Seminars held May 10th the day after the protest. More people showed up, one was Kevin who elaborated on some of the issues reported by B. Carrano.

Jane reported there was no Foreclosure Working Group meeting last week due to the BoA event. However, Jane was happy to report Mitch and she successfully engaged foreclosure victims, stating the response from them was one of comfort and appreciation for taking the time to talk with them about their plight.

Bobbie announced she needed help finding a home for two dogs she rescued. Ken came to her rescue through his friend that finds homes for rescued dogs. Problem solved. Twinkle fingers all around.

Jane initiated an open discussion about Amendment One, as more people arrived. B. Carrano suggested a possible recall due to numerous reports across the state of persons unable to vote against the amendment, because it did not appear on their ballot. Paul informed Democracy NC is investigation the issue. Ed suggested a recall would be unlikely due to the wide margin by which the amendment was passed.

Along the same line, Al reported a New York Times article stated the number of repressive bills aimed at women’s rights had risen from around 20 in 2010 to 80 in 2011. Mark related his belief that most of the repressive bills we see being passed, on the state level across the country, originate in ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). Ed quipped, the “American Legislative Evil Council”. Paul offered a tactical remedy to ALEC and the repressive legislation we are experiencing.

The plan, already underway across the country, is to lobby state and municipal representatives to pass resolutions overturning Citizens United. When enough states pass the resolution, Congress will be forced to amend the US Constitution. The amendment will shut off the corporate money feeding ALEC and free our politics from corporate control.

Paul also offered to transport 4 more volunteers to March in Raleigh on May 23 and to lobby our legislators for support of the “NC Voters for Clean Elections” resolution. Their resolution to overturn Citizens United will be formally introduced to the NC General Assembly later that same morning.

Most colorful dialogue developed in the group when Paul suggested it would be akin to cutting off the “beast’s head” in stead of fighting it at each tentacle, as we are now doing with Amendment One, BoA, Energy, Environment, Justice, Poverty, etc.

About here, a more formal GA arose and grew out of need. Paul began taking stack. B. Carrano began taking notes, and Marikay began keeping time. After more comments and questions, Marikay called break.

After break Paul was drafted as facilitator, primarily due to his failure to appear and co-facilitate at the last Sunday GA as promised. B. Carrano took stack and kept notes.

Al announced Noam Chomsky will be speaking at UNCG on June 2nd. Also, that for the first time, Al would be allowed to sell his books at an event like this. Heretofore, Barnes & Noble held exclusive book sale rights/opportunity. Again, Twinkle Fingers!

Marikay announced Joanna Macy will speak on “Respected Voices” at 7PM on May 23rd at Holy Trinity Church in the Haywood Duke Room. This engagement will be preceded by a wine and cheese reception at 6PM in the Sacred Garden Bookstore.

Announcements concluded and we moved onto Discussion.

Ken opened with Buddhist methods of detachment as a means of coping with the inherent frustration of advocacy work. Ed, Al and Marikay gave support to the theory. Barbara Council shared her thoughts and emotions on the issue, as did Andy, Kevin, Nebo and others.

Marikay called for Reflection, and the GA was ended thereafter.