Energy Working Group: June 6, 2012

Radio program

  • June 13
  • June 27
  • Elsewhere- sound session, Wednesday mid-July
  • Vignettes, character descriptions, characters talking about energy
  • Framing the context of energy in NC today.
  • War of the world, energy event, news caster broadcast, scripting the beginning of the series
  • interviewing citizens, invisible costs of energy
  • melding together fiction/ nonfiction/ first-person stories
  • tell the true cost of energy production/ disaster
  • one 10 minute segment
  • Elsewhere sound session July 11
  • Elsewhere City Play on August 24 (Duke Energy vaccuum)

Internship program – Connie

  • Val will call Connie
  • Reaching out to teenagers that we know- Emiley
  • Teenager who attended GA last Tuesday? Joe? Faheem- Al
  • Middle Colleges- Mark
  • Val has a long list of community contacts
  • Greensboro Parks and Rec- Kate
  • Next meeting Wed 20: work out internship orientation details

Recruitment – regular canvassing on Sundays

  • Email sent out to all contacts and FB doc to recruit volunteers for June and July


  • Val meeting on Wednesday 6/13 about energy event.