General Assembly: September 2, 2012

Facilitator: No facilitator
Stack: Mark
Notes: Kate


  • Welcome to first time comer, Veronica
  • Ground rules
  • Hand signals

Report Backs

  • Website workshop last Friday by Dave: Three new people ready to put some fresh energy and ideas to update the website and help advertise the working groups, post meeting minutes.
  • Energy Working Group: CITY play took place at Elsewhere on Friday Aug 24 – SUCCESS! Next meeting on Wednesday September 5 from 7-9 at Glenwood. Connie from NC WARN will be joining us. We will also be working on the radio drama, setting dates for casting/ recording
  • Employment Working Group: Back together again thanks to Paul. Focusing on employment needs for ex-cons, released from prison.
  • Free University happening on Tuesday nights at 6:30 at Glenwood: This week, 9/4, will focus on the DNC in Charlotte. Following weeks are open to discussion.


  • Friday 9/7 at 7 Lit Reading at Glenwood
  • Saturday 9/8 at 4 Poetry Reading by Mark Smith-Soto
  • Thursday 9/13 Participatory Budgeting Teach-In, contact Al for location and details (
  • Thursday 9/20 Citizens United Resolution Teach-In at Elon School of Law at 6:30


  • Occupy Greensboro Anniversary Day Sunday, October 14: Brought by Mark, consensus passed by GA, with further discussion next week at GA.

    Afternoon activities at Festival Park:
    – 2:00-4:00 free university teach ins, bottom lined by Al
    – 4:00-6:00 General Assembly
    – Return to Glenwood Coffee and Books for Potluck 6:00-7:00
    – Energy city play 7:00- 8:00
    – Benefit music and art show to raise legal funds for Chris and Mo, 8:00- 11:00
    – Bands – If we want we could pay bands a percentage of door $5.00 suggested donation
    – Cost Rent for Book shop on Sun Oct 14 $50 -$100??

    Needs for organizing:
    – GA: Need 1 facilitator, 1 stack keeper, 1 Note-taker, 1 Mood-gauger.
    – Benefit: 1 to 3 persons to bottom line benefit get bands, artwork , coordinate with MO etc.
    – Press release: hope to draw attention and some returning members from last year’s march and re-launch the website.


  • Actions and encampment by Occupy Charlotte at DNC and police response
  • Discussion of working groups participation/ accountability to General Assembly and
  • Re-energizing of OGSO