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General Assembly: June 3, 2012


  • Action at courthouse Tuesday 2 p.m to film forecosure auctions.
  • Greensboro Tenant’s Association to be formed by and for tenants.
  • Signs saying Vote Against Amendment One: repurpose and discussion before GA on 6/10 sometime between l0-3.


  • Energy Working Group meets every Wed. for next month, 7-9 pm. On 6/13 and 6/27, the meeting will consist of creative writing. Canvassing continues every Sunday in June from 2-3:30. July – train interns.
  • Resolution fo overturn Citizens United presented in Raleigh to legislature.
  • Foreclosure Working Group: Chris and Mo had hearing; meeting with attorney re:home defense.

Proposed: Occupy Greensboro endorse and support the North Carolina Coalition Against Corporate Power (that spearheaded and organized the Bank of America demonstration in Charlotte on May 9). Vigorous discussion followed. Proposal was TABLED until submitted in writing.

GA consented to pay $250 for food for a neighborhood cook-out and open mic night at Glenwood Books, which has not yet been paid. Agreed that there have been delays by all parties and the matter may be settled this week.

A member volunteered to alert everyone at 4 p.m. so GA can begin and end on time.

Fight Fracking in North Carolina!

The North Carolina General Assembly may allow fracking in our state!

The North Carolina General Assembly may allow fracking in our state.

Legislation to allow fracking in North Carolina could pass very quickly during the short summer legislative session.

Please read and sign the petition opposing this dangerous and destructive practice!


Attend Frack-Free NC Lobby Day!

Please join Clean Water for NC on Tuesday, June 5, for Frack-Free NC Lobby Day (see flyer – .pdf) when we’ll fill the halls of the General Assembly and meet with legislators to let them know that there is NO reason to pass ANY legislation that would allow fracking in NC! A pre-lobby briefing will start at 10AM at Marbles Kid’s Museum in downtown Raleigh. Afterwards we’ll head to the General Assembly to talk with YOUR legislators! You’ll be on your way home no later than 2PM. CWFNC can offer some assistance with transportation costs please email for info.

If you want to carpool with others from Greensboro, please send an email to the Energy Working Group through the form below and we will connect those who are interested in riding to Raleigh together.

General Assembly: May 27, 2012

Introductions, Rules and Hand Signals

Announcements and Working Group Report Backs

  • Energy Working Group – Had a successful movie matinee prior to General Assembly, Creative writing Wednesday May 30 at Sessions 1820 Spring Garden Ave from 7pm-9pm, Sunday we will relaunch Sundays volunteer based canvassing Sunday June 3 at Glenwood Coffee and Books from 2pm till 3:30pm every Sunday, and Energy Working Group meeting Wednesday June 6 at Glenwood Coffee and Books from 7pm till 9pm.
  • Resolution Working Group – attended NC General Assembly in Raleigh and meet with representatives, Meets Friday June 1 starts at 6:30 and meet at the Elliot Building.
  • CAAO – meeting Fridays at 5:30pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books
  • Employment Working Group – needs more participants
  • Noam Chomsky will be in Grensboro on Saturday, June 2 speaking about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. See Al for more details. Tickets may be purchased online here.
  • Unitarian fellowship meeting at Glenwood Coffee and Books Sundays, see Al for more details.
  • Bridgid who coordinated Bank vs America will be at Glenwood Coffee and Books Sunday June 3 at 3:pm to brainstorm for ideas relative to the DNC and Elections. She will probably stay for our GA if there is a good turn out.


  • Set aside June 10th GA to discuss what are the possibilities for actions by us and other coalitions prior to the DNC, and action around the inauguration of our next president. Potluck at 6:00pm.
  • PASSED General Assembly needs a good turn out for this event!!!


  • Anti-Convention (referring to RNC and DNC)
  • How do you get a working group started?

Energy Working Group: May 23, 2012


  • Discussion of our presentation at the GA on Sunday 5/20.
  • We have been invited to give a presentation at a church, upcoming
  • Recruitment of organizers for canvassing

Press Release

  • All materials given to Nathan, who only now needs dates and discriptions for upcoming events. Emiley will call him with the dates for meetings, creative writing sessions, and orientation for canvassing program. Emiley and Val will be the contact persons for press information.
  • First Orientation for Canvassing Program: Thursday June 28th from 5:30-8:30 at Glenwood.
  • Canvassing on Thursdays (6 weeks beginning on July 5).

Discussion about anti-fracking action

  • Kate attended anti-fracking rally in Raleigh on 5/19. Many NC organizations were represented. This is a good opportunity to connect with other organizations and our Greensboro community about keeping fracking out of NC. Kate will write an email to rapid release and discussion forum for OGSO, including a comprehensive article, petition, and legislator contact info.
  • A movie called Split Estates just showed at the Riverrun Film Festival in Winston this year that was very good. A/peture showed it.

“OGSO Energy Summer”

  • Inspired by the history of Martin Luther King Junior’s Vietnam Summer of 1967, the Occupy Greensboro Energy Working Group would like to announce the Occupy Energy Summer of 2012. This summer, the Occupy Greensboro Energy Working Group will host a series of programs and events in order to raise awareness about problems related to fracking, coal, and nuclear energy in NC; pending legislation such as the CWIP bill (Construction Work in Progress, also known as the Duke Energy Annual Rate Hike) and to raise awareness of sustainable energy sources and energy alternatives. Activities include:
    • Summer Energy Internship
    • Collaborative Writing and Airing of a Radio Drama
    • Weekly door-to-door Canvassing of experiences and opinions about energy and alternative resources
    • Community Movie and Discussion nights about energy resources
  • For more information, please contact Val and Emiley.

Recruitment of summer internships

  • Career offices at area colleges and university, high schools will be closing soon for summer.
  • Valerie will write a blurb for PTA Morningstar, Glenwood Neighborhood association.
  • Activities for YesWeekly and GoTriad.
  • When we go canvassing, we should recruit and leave calling cards.
  • Posting flyers at Greensboro Parks and Rec community centers
  • Church youth groups

New Facebook Page
Use OGSO logo for profile pic, people can “like” the page and add to our online presence.


  • Canvassing
    • Kate-make event for canvassing and send OGSO website
    • Kate – draft schedule of canvassing for June and hand off before trip
    • Recruit for Canvassing Program
      • Val – blurb MSA about program
      • Al- post to Glenwood list serve
      • Val – post to GW facebook
      • Emiley – make flyer
      • Val –send info to Christina at Central library
      • Al –take to Glenwood library
      • Val – take to Glenwood rec


    • Emily – organize food for Movie
    • Val –reminder email to Ed about sound system
    • Val – meet Ed @12 for set up PA
    • Kate – set up event for movie
    • Emiley – send a reminder about the May 30 radio drama


    • Next Energy Meeting – June 6
    • Announce at GA – May 27 – Emily, June 3 – Kate
    • Al announce at Tuesday GA – May 29 and June 5
    • Al email all interested parties and get with Ken to make phone calls
    • Emiley- finalize press release with Nat

General Assembly: May 20, 2012

Ken K. – Facilitator
Dave R. – Notes
Nathan P. – Stack Keeper


Review Ground Rules and Hand Signals

Report Backs

  • Foreclosure Working Group: Weekly meetings are still Thursday morning at 8:30am. One of the active member’s home was scheduled to be auctioned. They went to the courthouse with other members and a video camera. One buyer was there and left when they realized they would be observed. We have researched whether or not filming can happen there and it appears that we may be able to.
  • March on the NC General Assembly will be May 29. See Barbara for more information. There may be a bus headed over there.


  • See Barbara or Paul to “check-out” a copy of the film “Koch Exposed.”
  • Baltimore Police Department was sued over their effort to block citizen filming of police activities in the public. The judge ruled against the Police Department.
  • Homeland Security was involved in work undermining the Occupy movement. These documents were brought out through a FOIA request and are online.
  • Anyone interested in faith-based issues in relation to Occupy organizing should see Thomas.

No proposals offered.

Discussion Topics

  • Use of narratives in the Occupy movement and outreach to faith communities. TABLED.

Energy Group presentation and proposal
We viewed a PowerPoint presentation about how the energy market functions and how the upcoming rate hike bill will be brought. It will likely not be public until the votes exist to pass it. Then it will be pushed through very quickly.

The EWG presented it’s proposal for a summer organizing campaign to raise opposition to the annual rate hike bill and develop new interest in sustainable energy. Discussion continued after the break.


May 22, 2012 General Assembly
Facilitator: Thomas
Note Taker:
Stack: Ed W.

May 27, 2012
Facilitator: Nathan P.
Note Taker:
Stack: Ken K.

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