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General Assembly: April 10, 2012

The last time I took minutes and posted them, was last year. As a consequence, The Media Working Group announced all sorts of rules and reforms in the writing and posting of minutes, all of which I had offended in my cursive style. In fact, a rigid rule and tiny boxes were created, whereby the minute-taker had to fit his, or preferably, her very few words, or, preferably, single letters, into secure corsets, there to be held without charge or limit until the dictatorship freed them.

Those benign days of yore are gone now, and minute-takers, although still subject to “suggestions,” don’t listen to them. These minutes, then, rely simply on our few, excellent, basic “Ground Rules” of courtesy, fairness, democracy, and tolerance, anti-oppressive & collectively accessible.

That being said, a kind of writing muscle warm-up, Thom was our facilitator, beginning the meeting a mere ten minutes late. It being TUESDAY, of course, this general assembly was a “free-for-all” artistic creation, not following the excellent format of Sunday G. A.s. Between 20 and 25 occupiers were occupying the bookshop front room at Glenwood Coffee & Books, including a pretty hyper M–. Mo, the heroine of the week, was in the wings.

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May Day Working Group: April 9, 2012

[Note: There were two sets of notes.]


  • Recap what was talked about on the previous meeting
  • Come up with concrete ways people can prepare
  • Come up with a narrowly-focused statement for why we want people in the community to come
  • Specify the exact route of the march
  • Start coordinating outreach efforts

A march with 5 different Focuses:

  • Workers rights
  • The Racist Justice System
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Amendment 1
  • Students/Education?

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Raleigh Foreclosure Home Defense Occupation! First in North Carolina

Updated 4:30pm, April 10, 2012: Video recap of yesterday’s action posted on YouTube. Links to press stories below press release.
YouTube Preview Image

UPDATED 2:30pm, April 9: Press conference moved to Magistrates office in downtown Raleigh due to arrests. Will take place at 3:30pm.

UPDATED 2:20pm, April 9: Nonviolent demonstrators have been arrested in Raleigh after defending against an illegal, fraudulent eviction. More information to come.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Todd Warren, 336-554-5370,

Occupy Greensboro joins Occupy Raleigh to reclaim an evicted family’s foreclosed home

A family in Raleigh has been evicted and forced from their home through an illegal foreclosure. They have been ordered to remove all personal property from their home by Sunday April 8, 2012. The family has bravely chosen to fight eviction and foreclosure and is requesting community support. Evidence of robo-signing by the bank, which is a fraud, has been uncovered and the entire foreclosure process is under attorney review.

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General Assembly: April 3, 2012

Facilitator: Matt D.
Stack: Lynn


  • Occupy Alamance is getting started. See Matt.
  • Clarification of the block.
  • People’s Market across the street on Saturday from 9-12pm.
  • Meeting about organizing around Trayvon Martin shooting on Thursday at 7pm.


  • Proposal to buy and distribute OccuCards outreach materials. TABLED. Will be clarified and re-proposed.


  • Finance WG needs to be re-launched. Dave, Lynn and Val will follow up.
  • Race and participation in OGSO.
  • BofA shareholders meeting.

Next Sunday: John will facilitate.

General Assembly: April 1, 2012

Might have person to discuss inner working of mortgage fraud

Facilitator: Kevin
Stack: Nathan

Working Group Reports
Note: We Need more working group report backs than the few we got today.

  • CAAO: Discussed enthusiasm with cook out and open mic and concern with $$$. Discussed discourse on facebook.
  • Foreclosure WG– Mortgage fraud detection training happened led by Rochelle Sparko. Second training scheduled for April 14 9 am at Glenwood Coffee and books 1310 Glenwood Ave. There will be a video of training that took place Saturday. Next meeting Thursday 8:30 am Spring Garden Coffee.
  • May Day WG: Mayday meeting happened Saturday at 5pm next meeting Monday April 8 at 5:30 pm


  • Sometime in April there will be a speaker talking about corporate fraud in politics
  • Americorp is cleaning out house in Glenwood Date April 6-7. At Servants center contact Bobbie
  • Johns theater group gave shout outs to Occupy Greensboro in interview.
  • State senate is possibly going to vote to lower number of signatures needed to get political parties included in electoral proceedings
  • Occupy Alamance meets May Memorial Library this Sunday April 8


  • Proposal to pay back Todd $60 to pay overlay from cookout- the Money + $7 was raised in GA by passing the hat. Passed


  • Mortgage fraud detection
  • Reflections from Cookout- Carol brought awesome food. It was the Jam. Shout outs to Carol (states unnamed source)
  • Consensus and Blocking
  • What is Direct Action?


Upcoming GA 4-8

  • Facilitator – John K
  • Stack – Mark S
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