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Occupy Greensboro Anniversary Celebration

October 14, 2012 at Glenwood Coffee and Books

The Occupy movement was born a year ago, and here in Greensboro, hundreds of people took to the streets on October 15, 2011, marching in solidarity with the protestors of Wall St, and joining together in defense of human rights from corporate corruption. The movement fueled the formation of Occupy Greensboro, an open organization of activists, friends and community members with democratic values and nonviolent principles, whose motto is “We are the 99%.”

We are calling on you to join us, whether you have yet to check out what Occupy Greensboro has been up to, or have been tied up with life and haven’t made it to an event in a while, to refuel the movement and to re-energize each other! It is time to see old friends, meet new friends, connect with interested members of our community, and to celebrate all of the efforts of our first year together.

General Assembly meeting 4:00-6:00 

GA meetings are the democratic decision-making body of Occupy Greensboro. They are free and open to all, and use consensus guidelines such as hand signals to facilitate discussion. The GA meetings take place every Sunday from 4:00-6:00, at Glenwood Coffee and Books. Please join us  on Oct 14 for a special GA!

Education and Outreach with the Employment, Energy, and Foreclosure working groups, the Coalition Against Citizens United and the Occupy Greensboro Free University

Community Taco Night Potluck 6:00

Bring a side dish, condiment or taco topping. Tortillas and taco fillings will be provided. Also please be thoughtful and bring a plate and utensil of your own. All are welcome!

Legal Defense Fund Benefit7:00-11:00

With performances by Maurus Moses Monk, Laura Boswell, Laila Nur, Ben Lassiter Trio, Black Lotus Society, Screaming By Me, and Matty Sheets and the Blackheads

$5 suggested donation

** for more info contact **

Energy Working Group: September 5, 2012

CITY Energy Stock Market Wheel

CITY Energy Stock Market Wheel

Tonight’s meeting:

Reflection on Energy Future’s Improv CITY Play at Elsewhere Collaborative – a celebration of creative visioning and thanks to all who participated to make the event a success! With stunning props, a full cast of characters and script for the take-over by private energy company and stock exchange, we have all we need to re-enact this play to make a bigger impact in the community. to be continued…

Movie Matinee Series showing Gasland this Sunday, Sept 9 at 1:30 at Glenwood Coffee and books. Free movie and discussion to follow about the horrors of hydraulic fracturing. We will continue the movie matinee screenings monthly, in the winter months. Future dates and films to be announced.

Occupy Greensboro Birthday Party on October 14!  The energy working group is planning to have a education/ outreach booth at Festival Park in the afternoon and at the benefit show that evening at Glenwood. We hope this event will bring visibility to the Duke/ Progress merger and Construction Work in Progress Bill (CWIP) and share creative ways to engage the community in other local energy issues.

Upcoming CWIP training  by NC WARN to take place at Glenwood Coffee and Books- dates and details to be announced.

Neighborhood canvassing and petitioning against CWIP activities to resume in 2013. Since January of this year, we have greeting our neighbors in Glenwood, door-to-door, asking for opinions, input and concerns about Duke Energy rate hikes and energy production and regulation in NC.  These experiences have been meaningful and have inspired our actions- creative and political- to raise awareness of these issues and continue community dialogue. We are in the process of applying for grant funding to continue canvassing and create jobs for local unemployed youth.

Radio Play casting and recording to begin soon. We are in the process of recruiting actors and setting the date, time and location for recording a radio drama about an fracking energy disaster. The events and characters are dramatized. The threat is real.

Next Meeting on Wednesday Sept 19 from 7-9 at Glenwood. If you have interest in joining please send email to

General Assembly: September 2, 2012

Facilitator: No facilitator
Stack: Mark
Notes: Kate


  • Welcome to first time comer, Veronica
  • Ground rules
  • Hand signals

Report Backs

  • Website workshop last Friday by Dave: Three new people ready to put some fresh energy and ideas to update the website and help advertise the working groups, post meeting minutes.
  • Energy Working Group: CITY play took place at Elsewhere on Friday Aug 24 – SUCCESS! Next meeting on Wednesday September 5 from 7-9 at Glenwood. Connie from NC WARN will be joining us. We will also be working on the radio drama, setting dates for casting/ recording
  • Employment Working Group: Back together again thanks to Paul. Focusing on employment needs for ex-cons, released from prison.
  • Free University happening on Tuesday nights at 6:30 at Glenwood: This week, 9/4, will focus on the DNC in Charlotte. Following weeks are open to discussion.


  • Friday 9/7 at 7 Lit Reading at Glenwood
  • Saturday 9/8 at 4 Poetry Reading by Mark Smith-Soto
  • Thursday 9/13 Participatory Budgeting Teach-In, contact Al for location and details (
  • Thursday 9/20 Citizens United Resolution Teach-In at Elon School of Law at 6:30


  • Occupy Greensboro Anniversary Day Sunday, October 14: Brought by Mark, consensus passed by GA, with further discussion next week at GA.

    Afternoon activities at Festival Park:
    – 2:00-4:00 free university teach ins, bottom lined by Al
    – 4:00-6:00 General Assembly
    – Return to Glenwood Coffee and Books for Potluck 6:00-7:00
    – Energy city play 7:00- 8:00
    – Benefit music and art show to raise legal funds for Chris and Mo, 8:00- 11:00
    – Bands – If we want we could pay bands a percentage of door $5.00 suggested donation
    – Cost Rent for Book shop on Sun Oct 14 $50 -$100??

    Needs for organizing:
    – GA: Need 1 facilitator, 1 stack keeper, 1 Note-taker, 1 Mood-gauger.
    – Benefit: 1 to 3 persons to bottom line benefit get bands, artwork , coordinate with MO etc.
    – Press release: hope to draw attention and some returning members from last year’s march and re-launch the website.


  • Actions and encampment by Occupy Charlotte at DNC and police response
  • Discussion of working groups participation/ accountability to General Assembly and
  • Re-energizing of OGSO
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