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Foreclosure Working Group: April 26, 2012

11 in attendance
Nat facilitating
Todd note taker




  • MFD training was a great success. Never got to small groups but we went through one entire file. Trainees were very engaged and thorough. Approx 20 in attendance. Marnie has draft of codebook available. Senior detectives will review it- this will be used when we meet one on one in
  • Bank of America Shareholder Protest Wed May 9th . FREE Bus to Charlotte on leaving 6:30 am May 9th and likely returning mid-afternoon. Invite folks to ride!
  • May 10th, Hands Off Our Homes in Charlotte organized by Right to the City Alliance. We will be presenting about the movie event and the Mortgage Fraud Detection. We need to take DVDs with us of the movie- Barbara will talk to Kevin about getting DVDs. Todd has room in his car to take folks on May 10th. Will leave at 7 am and return around 6 pm.

Discussion Topics

  • Agreement to make a decision about if we will have a change of meeting space. As we grow bigger, it is getting harder and harder to hear everyone attending.
  • Big picture discussion as to vision, strategy and tactics.

•   whether maybe we might form a committee to focus on outreach to folks in foreclosure
•    housing as a human right, home ownership as freedom
•    how to deal with day to day calls; folks that want to join in what we are doing
•    not a question of either/or- it is both/and
•    emotional support of folks in foreclosure
•    how to deal with legal issues for folks in foreclosure
•    need a proposal for direction of what a “support for folks in foreclosure” committee will look like- Mike,Laurie, Rick, Jane and Mitch will help bottom-line this group. this sub-committee will meet in the coming week and come up with a proposal for guideline/ focus of this group.
•    need to be careful about giving advice that we are not qualified to give
•    legal info, court cases and other foreclosure related public info that could be helpful should be submitted to Dave Reed to be posted on the website. We need to be clear that this is not legal advice, but that this info could be very helpful. Email at
•    possible every 2-3 months folks in foreclosure committee could help us think about organizing a public action around HAMP and other issues impacting the public right now

General Assembly: April 29th, 2012

Facilitator: Emiley J
Stack: Nathan P
Notes: Julie D

Rules and Hand Signals

Report Backs

  • Energy Working Group (Julie D) met with Connie Leeper of NC Warn on 4/25/12 about information surrounding the Annual Rate Hike Bill.  We are considering partnering with her/them. The Creative Writing Group will meet on May 9th at Sessions from 7pm to 9pm to continue developing a radio play based on the Annual Rate Hike Bill.  Energy Work Group Meetings are currently being held at Glenwood Coffee and Books on Sundays from 2 to 3:30.
  • May Day (John) event being held at Governmental Plaza at 5 pm.  Lots of speakers, FLOC and Immigrants Rights and Labor will be having a play.
  • Resolution Working Group – 7 – 10 people met about overturning Citizens United.  MariKay A. and Nancy H. supporters – sending letters out for resolution.   Brian reported that the Amendment One rally had lots of food and speakers on 4/28 with about 500 to 700 people.  Overall raised awareness for May 8th.
  • Food (Julia):  Bring food, plates, cups, metal forks, table cloths.  Saul @ Guilford College checking on a water spigot donation.  Valerie W. brought a box of metal utensils for Bookstore usage but can use for other events.
  • Foreclosure Working Group (Jane): Todd is continuing meetings about fraud detection and training is moving ahead for statistically correct sampling.  Need /attempt to support people in foreclosure to get involved.  Email Jane for meeting at her house to talk with people going through foreclosure – may involve just a phone call.  Planning a meeting on 5/1 to volunteer to help others.  Purpose of separate committee is opportunity to focus on: data collection and neglecting outreach in community for those who are in foreclosure. May contact Julianne Knight or Julia.
  • Boys Group (Al): Working group in process to assist in women issues, i.e. reproductive health issues.  GA consent for Kristine from Planned Parenthood to be invited here are May 9th.
  • Jane – Bus for BOA to Charlotte on May 9th – FREE BUSRIDE–  There is information on the NC Coalition Against Corporate Power website.  Plenty of room still on the bus.


  •  John – Amendment One, phone banking, College Park, need significant media attention.  Also, 2nd Class Readers Theatre on 4/30 at the IRC at 7:30, on 5/1 Temple Emanuel 7:30, on 5/3 at The Elm St. Center at 7:30…further dates can be found at  This connects to Amendment 1 voting, drawing folks in to understand the issue.
  •  Valerie – Phone banking every night this week from 5 to 9 pm until Vote on May 8th.  Contact Val if interested in volunteering.
  •  John – One guerilla performance for News Media for John Edwards trial.


  • Julia – Nature of proposal is to have Tuesday’s GA at Governmental Plaza after May Day Event.  PASSED
  • Valerie – Energy Working Group to have one hour of GA time for presentation/NC Warn Guest: Connie Leeper on May 13th.  PASSED


  • Julia – Discussing idea of outdoor space for future GA’s being outside now that the weather is nicer and to be more visible in community.
  •  Trixie – DNC – Idea for OGSO to assist other Occupy groups coming here who may need help with housing and/or busing, in an effort to take some responsibility for other groups.
  • Ed – Pass the peoples bank – and we did.


Tuesday, 5/1

  • General Assembly will be held at Governmental Plaza after May Day Event (around 6:30)
  • Facilitator – Tentatively, Valerie W (co-facilitate)
  • Notes – Julia
  • Stack –  to be determined

Sunday, 5/6

  • Co-facilators: John K and Paul
  • Notes – to be determined
  • Stack – Barbara


Energy Working Group: April 25, 2012

Wednesday April 25, 2012 from 7pm-8pm
Energy Working Group
Guest Speaker: Connie Leeper
Julie D, Valerie W, Emiley J, and Al B

Guest speaker from NC WARN to discuss the Annual Rate Hike Bill

Proposals and Discussion Topics  

  • Rate Hike Bill

Presentation and proposal to GA against rate hike bill
Make a Press Release for GA to approve and disperse.
Banner drop- Discussion of logistics

  • Radio Drama

Plan next creative writing events.
How can we create an avenue for people to participate in creative writing online and submit their writings?

  • Canvassing

Reorganize for Annual Rate Hike Bill and organize to relaunch Canvassing!
Relaunch date

  • Media

Powerpoint presentation( Julie)
Outreach Groups
Greenpeace, NC WARN, Western NC Physicians for Social Responsibility, Appalachian Voices
General Media Discussion

  • Movie nights

The Last Mountain- Saturday May 26, 2012 6pm-8pm

  • Fundraising

Next meetings

  • Energy Working Group Sunday April 29 from 2pm-3:30pm Glenwood Coffee and Books
  • Creative Writing Wednesday May 9 from 7pm-9pm Sessions Bar
  • Movie Night: The Last Mountain Saturday May 26 from 6pm to 8pm


General Assembly: April 22, 2012

Facilitator: Valerie W
Stack: Kathe
Notes: Emiley J

Rules and Hand Signals

Report Backs

  • Foreclosure Working Group completed Mortgage fraud training. Plans to organize more training
  • May Day- 5pm Governmental plaza. Need people to help with food organizing for May Day talk to Tom or join the discussion on occupy website.
  • CAAO- April 28 Love is the Answer.willing to buy food keep in freezer, volunteers day of the event, and need people with trucks who can help move stuff.
  • Energy Working Group- Speaker from NC WARN Wed 4-25-12 7pm-9pm. Planning around radio drama, canvassing/ petition for Annual Rate Hike, media, and movie nights.
  • Media- group meet to teach how to use media to support occupy events
  • Al, Possible new working group, Boys Group to learn more and talk about women’s health rights.


  • Leaders theater against Amendment One, for show schedule
  • Sat April 28, 9-4 $20 trulient federal credit union, training session community based
  • *enterprises and worker cooperatives
  • Sat April 28 food garden at IRC.
  • May 9 BOA corporate meeting. Collation Against Corporate Power can provide rides to Charlotte.


  • Occupy inviting a speaker from planned parent hood speak to general assembly to address us on women’s health and have The boys working group bottom line the planning. PASSED


  • Start a new working group. Resolution Working Group.
  • Leadership and outreach development


Tue 4-24-12

  • Facilitator:Tom but will be late

Sunday 4-29-12

  • Facilitator:Emiley
  • Stack: Bobbie
  • Notes: Lamar

General Assembly Notes: April 15, 2012

Facilitator: Nathan
Notes: Dave


Ground Rules & Hand Signals


  • Transition Greensboro is doing a number of Spring Events. Edible Garden at the IRC on April 28th. Re-skilling Festival at the Farmer’s Market. See Kathe L.
  • Race, Wealth & the Housing Crash program with Larry Morse at the BCC on April 19th.
  • NC Coalition Against Corporate Power demonstration on May 9th at the Bank of America shareholders meeting. There are bus seats from Greensboro. No charge for bus ticket. See Todd.
  • Several events happening at GC&B related to anti-Amendment One work. Mo is throwing herself a birthday party against the Amendment on April 4th around 7:30pm.
  • Awards.
  • Tomorrow night at Glenwood Library is a community meeting about the closing of the Four Seasons Post Office at 7pm. See Sandra for more information.

Working Group Report Backs

  • Foreclosure Working Group: Working on a lot stuff. We had an event with Occupy Raleigh around home defense. That work is still ongoing. We are creating a “Foreclosure Home Owners Group” for people who are experiencing this crisis to get some support and share their stories. The Mortgage Fraud Detection training will be NEXT Saturday at GC&B at 1pm (Talk to Todd). Still getting lots of emails from around the country about spreading this fraud detection work. Other groups that do legal work around foreclosure are close to coming out in favor of more action-focused efforts to stem this crisis because of our work. Meetings are still at Spring Garden Bakery on Thursday at 8:30am.
  • Art/Communication/Media Working Group: Website update. Need more people to get involved.

No proposals offered today.


  • Recent assaults on Women’s Rights
  • Organizing for May Day
  • Public relations skill share planning
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