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June 17, 2012 at 2:51 pm #2570


Advertising for Occupy

At Tuesday’s GA, Jane brought up the idea of finding ways to use the “glitz and glamour” of advertising against the status quo (rather than reinforcing it as most advertising does). One idea that we mentioned, brought back from a suggestion a while back, is 99% yard signs.

I very much support this idea. To me, the problems that Occupy addresses go beyond poverty and economic inequality–they also have to do with the meaningless of so many careers today. Where is there to find meaning working for a corporation where seemingly no one (except market forces) has a say in decision-making? Especially now that even our political leaders are so obsessed with finding market “solutions” to our broken systems of education, energy, food, etc.? America has so much abundance, people should be involved in emotionally-full, richly meaningful communities. Instead we spend 40 years following orders from the office above us, which consists of people in largely the same situation as us!

I would love to be part of an effort to get this message out to people, and let them know they have options! Life in America should be more than just another brick in the wall.

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