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Foreclosure Working Group: March 8, 2012

This is a compilation of notes from our last two meetings on 3/1/12 and 3/8/12. As always, our meetings are every Thursday, 8:30 am at Spring Garden Bakery. All are welcome.

We are in our final push to organize the March 14 event: Save Our Community: Fight Foreclosure! The event will start at 7 pm.
Event page here: http://occupyforeclosure.org/save-our-community

IRC march
There will be a meal served by Unity church at 5:30pm. Mitch M. is the point person on this. All are welcome. Cakalak Thunder will play; Nego is the point person on this. Katie Y. will help assemble marchers at 6:15pm. Leave by 6:30pm to march to theater. Will S. will be work with the City for special events permitting.

Todd and Tom B. did a Lunch-and-Learn at the IRC announcing the event and had a good discussion with about 15-18 folks. Need to get some follow up fliers to the IRC – Dave R. is making them.

We have gotten some good press leading up to the event. Nathan P. has been updating with several great, professionally written press releases. Todd got a good 2-3 spot on Voices and Viewpoints with WFDD that will re-air the day of the event. Bobbie and Kevin did a great interview with Jeri Rowe for the News and Record ran on Fri on page 2. Todd spoke at City Council as a speaker from the floor for the March 6th meeting announcing the event, inviting council and the general public. It has been airing on public access.

Participants/Supporters of Event
We are really building a broad coalition of support with this event. Participants include:

  • Jeff Thigpen, Guilford County Register of Deeds- featured speaker
  • MoveOn.org- outreach, tabling for Hold the Banks Accountable table
  • Guilford County Home Ownership Center- providing counseling to folks facing foreclosure
  • Greensboro Housing Coalition- providing counseling to folks facing foreclosure
  • Interactive Resource Center- supporter and sponsoring
  • Partners Ending Homelessness
  • Unity Church- providing meal at the IRC
  • YWCA- supporter and providing transport from their winter emergency shelter, hosting follow up event
  • NC Justice Center- will table that night and host a follow up training teaching people how to investigate mortgage fraud on March 31 (prob at Central Library).
  • Occupy Greensbro’s CA/A0 working group is helping will table that night and is helping to organize three follow up events including a talk/discussion with the YWCA on intersections of women and the housing crisis, a talk/discussion with the BCC on intersections of race and the housing crisis, and a public movie showing of The House We Live In.
  • UNCG and Guilford have both signed up for subsequent showings of Let’s Lose Our House: A Modern Foreclosure Tale.

Kickstarter is currently at $1,614.00! We are over halfway. Donations will be taken at the event. Encourage people to give what they can and continue to send the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/401246699/save-our-community-fight-foreclosure

Make personal phone calls! Everyone should have contacted AT LEAST 10 people with a commitment to come out on Wed. MoveOn.org did a phone tree reaching out to 3000 people! Thank you! Fliers are available at bookstore, post on fb and email.

Program/ Evening Logistics
Basic flow of the program is: march from IRC, red carpet intro of “stars,” seating, intro, personal foreclosure stories, movie, Jeff Thigpen, rousing get active speech from John K, lobby conversations, sign ups, story corp, Q and A, rousing send off!
Theater will open at 3 pm to start set up.

Folks doing tables, story corp booths etc need to come between 4 and 5 to set up materials.
Tables are as follows:

  • Hold Banks Accountable- MoveOn
  • Follow Up Events table- CA/AO; Maria R and Mark S
  • Training for Mortgage Fraud Detection – NC Justice Center, Rochelle Sparko and Julie K
  • Partners Ending Homelessness and IRC table
  • Foreclosure Counseling- GSO Housing Coalition and Home Ownership Center
  • Occupy as a Strategy- sign up and info for folks interested in direct action foreclosure resistance- Katie Y. and Julie S.
  • Occupy Greensboro general info table- Emiley J.
  • Need clipboards for collecting info- Marnie and/or Julie?
  • Marnie and Dave generating text for zine and will coordinate about layout with Mo who did illustrations
  • Early Smith is our event coordinator/ stage manager for the evening. If you are a participant, once the event starts do what she says! She is the one keeping the whole program on track!
  • Usher training at 5pm at the theater. All ushers need to be present for this.
  • QR needs to be checked
  • Christina Stone and Tom B have been filming personal foreclosure stories; at least one of these will air prior to movie. They will also person a story corp booth
  • Kristian Hultgren of Deep River Productions will be there to help with story corp booth as well video and photo of event
  • GSO bear will also do video and photo of event
  • John K will emcee! Thanks John! Marnie and Todd put together talking points for program and John is good with them. John has tux and cane, needs top hat…
  • Cars being coordinated for Red Carpet drop off
  • Need retro hats for ushers- box for hats at Glenwood Coffee. John K has a bunch as well.
  • Alyzza will be our people counter to get an accurate count.
  • Dave and Alex will be in the robot suits doing robot things
  • Steve T and company will be playing old time music acoustically on the mezzanine as people enter
  • There will be a Q&A session after the movie, but only after folks have a chance to mill around and sign up for stuff. We will play this by ear. Todd and John K will handle this.
  • May need Mr. Microphone for Q&A. Dave will bottomline getting it there.

FWG meeting
Yes- we will meet the next day at 9am at Spring Garden Bakery. Cause we’re nuts like that.

Parenting and The Occupy Movement: March 6, 2012

Parents for Occupy Wall Street

Parents for Occupy Wall Street

OGSO was happy to have Kirby Desmarais, who started Parents for Occupy Wall Street, join us for an open discussion about parenting and the Occupy movement. Here are the notes from this discussion.

Why is it important to you to involve our children in protests?

  • Teaching them how to have power
  • Bringing positive attention to the movement by demonstrating that it is planned with concern for families and families have access
  • Because families are so impacted by issues that we are occupying about

Some techniques:

  • Planning a child safe zone for every event
  • Area that is clearly marked that is for children (they use mats that are brightly colored with areas for chalk art and arts and crafts, parents stand around in a circle)
  • “Yellow balloon” – letting law enforcement know when there is a yellow balloon that it means that there are children, a disabled person, or a pregnant woman
  • Asking before consensus is requested for every event – is this a child safe event
  • “Town squares” – organizing events in parks that are family friendly
  • Outreach for occupy – going to different parks throughout the city and holding events with music and other activities to talk about occupy, making them family friendly
  • Dealing with disruptors – preventing disruptive or mentally unstable people from jeopardizing the safety of families who are involved – making a policy for how to deal with disruptors
  • Sleepover – inviting families to a big sleepover that is family friendly

Energy Working Group: March 7, 2012

Notetaker: Emiley Joyce

5 participants Kristen, Henry, Kate, Valerie, and Emiley


  • Organize canvassing surveys and use organized information from surveys as building blocks for a radio drama series.
    • Canvassing surveys: Val created a spread sheet to start to organize the information collected from the completed surveys and uploaded it to google docs. Kate and Emiley will continue to enter info from surveys. Val did a tutorial for Kate and Emiley on how to excel, spreadsheet.
    • Writing Drama: Create a writing event to get some creative writing started around the organized information. Series could have cliff hangers to led to the next episode. Food and on the weekend were several suggestions.
    • Radio Drama: recording studio suggestion, On pop of the world studio,Randy. Will most likely cost but our group can fundraise to pay for expenses. We could get some advice from the Foreclosure Group. Suggested places to distribute the energy drama series: WNG, WQS, WXDU, WNAA, WFDD, Rock 92, You Tube, Elon, and reach out to Avalon.
    • Kate will research how long episodes and series should be, PSA and if that is something we will also need to do. Also email next meeting to webmaster.
    • Emiley will email Val, Al, Kate, Julie, and Kristen ogsoenergyworkinggroup@gmail.com password. Also email group about some possible creative writing dates and information on event for groups approval.


  • Creative Writing: Have a host ask a panel of customers questions and use the survey responses as answers to questions. A family trying to figure out how to pay their bills and the cliff hanger will be the next episode they figure it out. First episode could be about the 7.2% Duke Energy rate increase.
  • Energy info: Howard Johnson magnetic generator, bloom box. Ralph Ring and Otis Carr Greensboro group on energy, research needed.

Next meeting 1:00pm Sunday March 25, 2012 at Glenwood Coffee & Books. We will have a short hour long meeting before canvassing to go over our survey spreadsheet.

Energy Working Group meeting 7pm-9pm Wed. March 28, 2012 at Glenwood Coffee and Books. We have cancelled the Energy meeting on March 14, 2012 for the foreclosure premier.

Parenting & the Occupy Movement

Event reminder: Tonight @ 8:30pm, Glenwood Coffee & Books

Kirby Desmarais, founder of Parents for Occupy Wall Street, will facilitate an open discussion covering concerns and opportunities of families within the Occupy Movement.

Come share your experiences! You don’t have to be a parent to attend. This event is open to everyone.

Parents for Occupy Wall Street

Parents for Occupy Wall Street

Download a high-res version here.

Jeff Thigpen to address crowd at “Save Our Community: Fight Foreclosure!”

Click above to download flyers

Click above to download flyers

Contact: Nathan Pius, npius20@gmail.com; 732-570-8847

Free Event: Movie Premier at Carolina Theater

“Let’s Lose Our House: A Modern Foreclosure Tale”

Film Stars, Robots, Crowds and a Red Carpet

Attendees at a free red carpet Premier for the locally-produced social and political action movie, “Let’s Lose Our House: A Modern Foreclosure Tale” scheduled at the Carolina Theater on Wednesday, March 14, will hear remarks from Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen. The web site FireDogLake lauded Thigpen, who has gained national acclaim as an advocate against fraudulent foreclosures, stating: “Thigpen’s investigation was one of the first systematic assessments of mortgage document fraud in the entire country,” and “The man is dedicated to pursuing justice for those who have been wronged by the financial services industry.”

In appreciation of his efforts Thigpen will receive autographs from the film’s robotic “Robo-Signers.” who will make a special appearance at the premier.

“Let’s Lose Our House” is a smart and funny look at the often misunderstood roots of the housing crash. This short film follows the “all American family” from buying their first home to seeing it foreclosed on and shows how banks and the large financial industry destroyed people’s lives through fraudulent practices. Produced by the Foreclosure Working Group of Occupy Greensboro, the event will unite homeowners facing foreclosure with available resources to understand, recognize and dispute fraudulent practices.

This is shaping up to be a huge civic action event in Greensboro so mark your calendars now.

YouTube Preview Image

Updates posted to: http://occupyforeclosure.org

This event will be held Wednesday, March 14, 2012 7:00P.M. at the Carolina Theater in Greensboro; 310 South Greene St.

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