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Employment Working Group: March 4, 2012

Ed, Al, and Amanda met in Glenwood Coffee & Books, 9:30—11:00 a.m.

Coming in, Ed said, teasingly, “Well, how many jobs are we creating today?”

As it turned out, that’s exactly what we discussed and decided to do! Soon, summer, there will be unemployed high school young men and women out of work, nothing to do, wanting meaningful work and a few bucks. What if we enabled them to start a business, a worker/owner/management co-op?

There are plenty of needy people in Glenwood for example, wanting their grass cut and other “handyman” chores – work they’re too feeble to do themselves (but can’t afford the prices big companies charge for helping). Moreover, we’re all trying to do for ourselves, rather than rely on Gov’t or Corporations! And we’re trying to create confident, experienced young people, especially in cooperative ventures!

After the meeting, Al spoke to his high school friend, Selena Gama, 18 in April; she would make the perfect administrator for such a project. “I’ll be in charge,” she thought, but Al explained the concept of working together, horizontal leadership, and everyone profiting equally (“gain share” like we do in the bookshop). Selena wondered if it would be too much for her, but Al encouraged her to try, to “crunch it down,” start simply with just a couple of tiny steps… Selena decided she was up to it, if her foster mother approved…

Respectfully submitted,

Art/Communications/Media Working Group: March 4, 2012

Facilitator: Dave
Notes: Jo

Present Audrey, Nathan, Mo, Dave, & Jo

Agenda Outline

  • Forums onto the website
  • Facebook administrators
  • Foreclosure event press release
  • General website update
  • How do we relate to other organizations or groups who connect to Occupy Greensboro through the website? How do we reply?
  • How do we respond to the “About Us” section on the Occupy Greensboro website? How can respond or define “us” as a group?

Facebook Administrators
We reached consensus today on reducing the number of administrators for Facebook. We deleted some people who were not active and reduced the number of administrators from 17 to 12. We wrote a description of the administrator duties as:

  • Post events
  • Remove people
  • Add new people
  • Removed unwanted comments

We also decided that if you want to become an administrator you need to come and meet with the media group. We have still not worked out the kinks of people being unable to post on Facebook. Next week: What are we asking of our online administrators across the board?

Press Advisory
Nathan presented the press release that was approved by the Foreclosure group that will be sent out to TV, print and Radio. It was also approved by the Media group.

General Website Update

  • Website training-see Dave
  • Website is updated to highlight Foreclosure Group
  • May Day needs to get info to website as soon as possible
  • Integrating a Ride Share on website so that people can post if they need a ride or can give a ride to an event.

Audrey felt that there needed to be a place on the website for general conversation like Occupy Raleigh has. Discussion was had that to make it feasible for a bulletin board type area on website people would need to invite at least 5 other people to join. Dave gave some examples of possible bulletin board type of areas for the website for social networking. He asked that next week we work on a proposal that could be presented to the GA about building a forum for interactive conversation that could be used for facilitating working groups, message boards, etc. What would be used? How would it work?

The question also came up about how to handle emails received through the website.

  • How do we answer these questions?
  • Can we and how do we build interactive hubs of OGSO working groups?
  • How does the Media group relate to other groups?
  • Can we have a stock answer to some of the basic questions that come in emails through the website?
  • Would direct questions from website be sent to the working groups and how would people feel about being contacted about their working group?
  • Listserv media discussion, how do you get the info to the right people and right working groups so that they are not getting wrong information?
  • How do you hold and build a natural hierarchy with Occupy and how to marry both concepts?
  • How to handle media with groups not represented. Media vs. group vs. individual.
  • Mo talked about making a movie with individuals from Occupy Greensboro telling what brought then to Occupy with photos and quotes to be put on website to tell our story. Tell also what we have accomplished.
  • What do we want to say to describe “us”. Possibly a list of proposed actions, past actions, we are the 99% logo or Occupy Together logos as descriptive.
  • How do we get to the large group and standardize our communications with contact with the outside world so media group has control? Question to GA, how would you like us to communicate with the outside world now? Next Sunday try to write a proposal and present to GA and have an open discussion.


  1. Talk about whether an interactive discussion site with structure is needed on website.
  2. Need to draft “about us” text for the website. How can we tell the public about us on the website in a way that respects our diversity and commitment to inclusion?
  3. Need to work on listserv and email management with other working groups.
  4. We made 12 people Facebook administrators.

Collective Access/Anti-Oppression Working Group: March 3, 2012

Paul facilitated. Al was the Minutes-Taker.

We congradulated Todd on his NPR interview. Lynn saw to it lights were turned out in the bookshop to save electricity. We met from 5:30 until 7:00, and nothing was carried forward from the previous meeting.


Two topics were considered: (1) Al’s report and a discussion about the April 28 “Rule of Law” Conference, here in Greensboro; (2) Recent break-ins in Lynn’s neighborhood and the entire subject of what could a community do to protect itself and respond to crime with minimum or no police involvement.

New ideas that came up during #1 (above) were “Bagdadization;” a protest at the new sheriff’s department multi-million-dollar jail; community self-reliance.

During “Reflections,” Lynn brought up the question of why a second topic or any topic but the first seldom has a chance of being adequately discussed at Occupy Greensboro.

It was thought that if we were more conscientious about time and had a time-keeper, than topics further down the list would have their chance. We consented to try this strategy at our next meeting.

Respectfully considered,

General Assembly: February 28, 2012


Please sign up to assist with Canvassing the Glenwood Community on Energy Issues! We need your help! Every Sunday (except when the weather is below 40 and raining) from 2-3:30 pm, meeting first at Glenwood Coffee and Books.


Proposal for Occupy Greensboro to co-sponsor an event on April 28, 2012 with Beloved Community Center entitled “Our Responsibility During the Collapse of Law.” This is a summit of local community members and organizations to discuss the impacts and responses to the militarization of the police. This event will feature Chicago-based civil rights attorney Flint Taylor.

It was decided due to the small group not to ask for consensus on the proposal at this time, although a temperature check was taken and all present were in support of the proposal. The proposal will be presented again at the next GA for further input.

Foreclosure Working Group requests help in the following areas to make the March 14, 2012 “Save Our Community, Fight Foreclosure” event a success (this was a long announcement so it was moved to the discussion area of the meeting):

  1. People are needed to flyer in the broader community
  2. We need committments for people to personally contact or phone at least 10 people and ask them to attend.
  3. Make announcements at church or civic groups about the events (contact the Foreclosure working group if you would like one of them to help you present this information)
  4. Keep sharing the Kickstarter campaign – more than $550 has been raised so far!
  5. Go to GGNA Thursday night (Lynn will attend)
  6. Go to Flatiron on Open Mic night an announce
  7. Flyer at the W-S protest on Wednesday and announce at the event

Several people volunteered for the various activities!

Open Discussion Topic: Is there something that Occupy can do to challenge the way that christianity and other religions are used in political discussions as a force for conservatism and work to make them more humane?
Many people commented and shared their viewpoints on this topic. In fact, during the course of the conversation everyone participated! Thom is going to start a discussion/working group around this topic.

General Assembly: February 26, 2012

Facilitator: Maria R.
Stack keeper: John K.
Note keeper: Andrew S.


Ground rules: Do not interrupt those who are speaking. Assume the good intent of all concerned. Cut each other slack. Participate in the use of a stack system to determine speaking order. Step up your attention to listening or step up your input to the group. Keep a sense of humor. Review of hand signals.

Working group reports:

  • The Occupy Congress Working Group attended a statewide General Assembly in Raleigh yesterday.
  • The Foreclosure Working Group is preparing for its showing of “Let’s Lose Our House,” a film on foreclosures. The film will be shown at Carolina Theatre on 14 March, and the foreclosure group needs assistance planning for and staging the event.
  • The Civil Liberties Working Group attempted to meet at 5:30 Thursday, but only a couple of people were able to meet. The Civil Liberties Working Group may change its meeting time.
  • The Collective-Action/Anti-Oppression Working Group met at 6:30 Friday to discuss tensions that arise in Facebook discussions and environmental aspects of oppressive dynamics.
  • The Art/Communication/Media Working Group met at 1:00 Sunday to discuss making a Foreclosure Working Group press release, designing a Tumblr page, consolidating the Occupy GSO Facebook pages, interacting with local media, updating the website to improve user experience, and planning an event to produce flyers for citywide distribution.
  • The Employment Working Group met at 9:00 Saturday morning to discuss how to assist people in the community who are seeking work can distribute their resumes.


  • Glenwood Coffee and Books has signed on to the We Are Campaign; the organizers of the campaign wish to gain support in organizing a rally to be held 28 April.
  • Glenwood Coffee and Books will host a night of celebration in opposition to NC Proposed Amendment One in mid-March or April; see Mo K. for details.
  • Rapid response email list; see James D. for details.
  • Occupy Charlotte Working Group making preparations for the DNC in September and expanding its horizons; the group is changing its name to “Occupy Solidarity;” see Matt D. and James D. for details.
  • Those interesting in a working group on social currency should meet with Matt D; meetings will be Thursday, 2:00-3:00.
  • Website training to run the OGSO website will be on 3 March at 2:00. Contact Dave R. for details.
  • Three members of OGSO will be participating in the Left Form; if anyone would like to join last minute, contact Michael R. or Cindy before the end of Monday, 27 February.
  • A 28 April conference will be held about rendition flights departing from NC; contact Michael R. for more information.
  • A local photographer asked for a temperature check about participant willingness to be photographed for a social justice blog.
  • A dispute resolution co-op is being organized; the next meeting will be on Saturday, 3 March, at 10:00; see Kate and Paul L. for details.
  • The Collection will play at Glenwood Coffee and Books after our meeting; their performance will be preceded by a pot luck.


  • Solidarity action with Appalachian State University students. Proposal to stand in solidarity with students protesting against sexual violence and administrative neglect of sexual violence on the ASU campus. The protest will be in Boone on 2 March at 1:45. CONSENSUS
  • Press release for the Foreclosure Working Group. The Foreclosure Working Group presented a press release for distribution to local media. CONSENSUS
  • Shifting political discussion from Facebook to the OGSO website. Proposal to move political correspondence and organizing activity (as for working groups and actions) to the OGSO website. TABLED AND REFERRED TO ART/MEDIA/COMMUNICATION GROUP

Discussion points:

  • Administration of the Facebook group and its use as a forum for political discussion and organization DISCUSSED
  • 14 March assistance DISCUSSED

Next meeting:

  • Facilitator: Mark
  • Stack keeper: Mo
  • Note keeper: Thom

Sunday meeting:

  • Facilitator: Matt
  • Stack keeper: Lynn
  • Note keeper: John K.
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