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General Assembly: March 18, 2012

Facilitator: Andrew S.
Stack keeper: Lynn J.
Notetaker: Julia K.

Introductions: we did name and how we’re feeling today.

Ground rules and Hand Signals.

Working group reports:

  • Foreclosure WG: Thank you for coming out to Wednesday’s screening of “Let’s Lose Our House.” 400 people. Groups are rapidly showing up for other screenings (Bobbie later told us, 3 groups confirmed, 8 other interested.) 2 people experiencing foreclosure have contacted the group, possibly wanting an occupy-style home defense. It’s complicated legally, so it remains to be seen what will be needed, but good for people to keep in mind this might happen.
  • Energy WG: Next meeting Wednesday, March 28th at 7pm. Information gained from canvassing in Glenwood is going to be turned into a radio drama series. There will be creative writing sessions, first one at Sessions (1820 Spring Garden), Friday, March 30th, 7-9pm. Next one Saturday, April 7th 5:30-7pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books.
  • Gardening WG: Had a well-attended workday in the Glenwood Community Garden today. Plans for some garden tours and a bottle-wall building event out in front of Glenwood Coffee and Books. Regular meeting times are 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, 1:30-3:30pm, but watch facebook and website for details and changes.
  • Media WG: Working on a forum on the website, will have more on that next week. Have skillshare workshops in things like writing a press release available for other working groups, contact the media group if you would like to schedule one.
  • Collective Access/Anti-Oppression WG: Meets every Friday, 5:30pm, at Glenwood Coffee and Books. Several upcoming events: At Glenwood Coffee and Books, a screening of “The House We Live In” April 6th at 7pm. At the Beloved Community Center, talk by Larry Morse, “Race Wealth and the Housing Crash” on April 19th at 6:30pm. At the Greensboro YWCA, a talk by Maria Rosales, “Women and Foreclosure,” on May 23rd at 6:30pm. Want these to be movement-building events.
  • Employment WG: Have been talking about setting up a computer station in Glenwood Coffee and Books where people could apply for jobs/work on resumes. Didn’t want to replicate the Interactive Resource Center’s efforts, but turns out IRC wants to set up satellite stations. Also considering a high schoolers/college students cooperative business for landscaping and oher services, to create meaningful work for students and get them involved in social justice work.


  • Update about Uriel’s case. He has been released, thanks to all the public pressure! Bond was set at $7,500, we believe that all the money has been raised. He is still facing deportation, so the fight is not over.
  • Last Tuesday’s GA did something different. Half the group went to go flyer, and the other half heard from someone about tax resistance, who is planning to come to next Sunday’s GA to talk more about tax resistance.
  • Looking for people who are working against Amendment One, who might be interested in tabling and/or participating in a talkback at Touring Theater of North Carolina‘s production of a play about Amendment One. See John K.
  • Glenwood Coffee & Books: Still cleaning up the space in the back. Please see Mo after meeting to help. Also, March 23rd-25th, The Vagina Monologues are being performed here. Money raised goes to the Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation. Also We Are (a group working against Amendment One) is putting on a show at the Blind Tiger. There’s a meeting tomorrow (Monday) at 7pm for folks, especially graphic designers, who want to be on a temporary media team for the event.
  • Occupy Open Mic at Glenwood Coffee and Books, March 29th at 7pm. Think about something you would like to share. See Nego.
  • Collecting pledges to vote against Amendment One for a birthday present. See whatiwantformybday.com. Also yard signs against Amendment One are available, please donate at least $2 to help cover costs if you take a yard sign. See Nego.
  • There is also an event about amendment one at Sedgefield Presbyterian Church next Sunday at 2pm.
  • There are pamphlets out front with a list of Amendment One events. If you are responsible for an event on there, PLEASE send Dave the info, so he can put it on the calendar, if you haven’t already done so (webmaster@occupygreensboro.org).
  • On March 20th, at 6:30 pm in Sanford, there is a chance to speak out against fracking. The Governor has changed her stance to be pro-fracking after going on an industry-sponsored trip. Say No to Fracking NC has more info about the event. Come early if you come, because lots of people are expected. Prepare for 3 minutes of speaking, if you want to speak. See Christine.


  • Proposal: Endorse the We Are event on April 28th. “Family Reunion” event with a carnival type atmosphere. Will need help/support before event, and boots on the ground. CONSENSUS.
    Additional suggestion: there is another event on the same date which OGSO has already endorsed, at the Beloved Community Center, a summit about the militarization of the police titled “Our Responsibility During the Collapse of Law.” Suggestion that there be mutual messages of support between events.
  • Proposal: Formalize “progressive stack.” A practice of moving forward people on the stack who have not spoken yet during the meeting, ahead of people who have already spoken. Clarification: Applies to the whole meeting, not just within particular discussions. Clarification: Some stack keepers have already used this, but formalizing it would mean that this is the typical way we will do stack. CONSENSUS.
  • Proposal: Endorse the call to protest the new jail in Greensboro. It opens May 1st. Protest is April 12th, 4:30-6:00 downtown on Edgeworth. Protest organizers are calling for endorsements. Discussion about why: organizers are coming from a perspective related to the book The New Jim Crow, as well as thinking about the school-to-prison pipeline. Organizations involved include Copwatch and the October 22nd coalition. Clarification: organizers are calling for this protest to be non-violent and peaceful. Clarification: endorsement means we may be listed in a press release as supportive. Information about the jail: it’s a county jail, not a for-profit jail, though the sheriff has stated he hopes that when the new jail opens, the old one can be used for federal inmates (who are likely to be immigrant detainees), and if this happens, the county will be paid by the federal government to house them. CONSENSUS.

Discussion points:

  • A 3rd party called the Justice Party, which wants to get the 99% into office. TABLED BY PROPOSER (lack of time).
  • Information and discussion about Fund for Democratic Communities, as this has been coming up on Facebook. TABLED BY PROPOSER (lack of time).
  • Debrief of Wednesday’s foreclosure event, and discussion about the potential of occupying houses to prevent foreclosure. DISCUSSED. Some details: 400+ people came. It was an experiment in organizing with different entry points. Also building relationships with organizations who have similar goals but a diversity of tactics. 30+ people signed up for a training on mortgage fraud detection. The story shared by the couple in the film facing foreclosure spoke to a lot of people who are starting to contact the group. Will need boots on the ground for an occupy style protest, if that turns out to be the strategy. Also, after seeing the film, Fox 8 has decided to do a series on families in foreclosure.
  • Energy group is considering organizing against nuclear power. Since there may be disagreement about this, want to do a temperature check to find out how people feel, how to work with disagreement. TABLED BY PROPOSER (lack of time).
  • Request for resolution against Citizens United being sent to Greensboro City Council. Want folks to sign on to letters to council people and mayor. DISCUSSED.

Tuesday meeting:

  • Facilitator: Mo
  • Stack keeper: Matt
  • Note keeper: Emiley

**Tuesday meeting is going to be a working session/direct action training to prepare for direct action and support teams for occupy-style foreclosure protests.

Collective Access/Anti-Oppression Working Group: March 9, 2012


  • Check-in
  • Foreclosures
  • Amendment One
  • Reflection


  • Part of CA/AO work against foreclosures: showing The House We Live in on April 6th at 7 pm at Glenwood Coffee and Books.
  • YWCA discussion on gender disparities.
  • CA/AO table at March 14th event
    • bring fliers for events coming up
    • bring sign-in sheet
    • Mark and Maria will table

Amendment One:

  • We already know OGSO is ready to help defeat Amendment One—solidarity statements we’ve already made.
  • CA/AO will host a panel of lawyers sometimes before April 28th (Maria will bottom line—starting by contacting lawyers who have helped OGSO in the past).
  • All kinds of anti-Amendment One work in which OGSO folks are involved
    • John K and his theatre group are producing Second Class as a readers’ theatre—many dates planned.
    • Encouraging OGSO folks to vote against Amendment One, even if they don’t want to vote for representatives
    • http://whatireallywantformybday.com/
    • Tiff and Kevin and others are going to make short films to add to the website (Todd will help too after March 14th)
  • Connor’s theatre group is also producing a play—Mo has the dates
  • Need to compile a calendar of anti-Amendment One events

Miscellaneous: as a temporary measure while other work is being planned for bookstore, we’ll make a cardboard sign that just says “Restroom” to cover each of the gendered restroom signs.

Reflection: Several points raised, including that CA/AO has a good balance between internal and external focus.

General Assembly: February 5, 2012

Facilitator: John K.
Stackkeeper: Bobbie
Board notetaker: Trish
Notetaker: Audrey

Announcements/Working Group Reports
Reminder that Sunday is designated day for working groups to report back to G.A.

  • Left Forum WG: proposal accepted by New York organizers, March 12. We have until Feb. 10th to make changes to program so if interested in giving feedback to facilitator on Occupy Greensboro panel, Cindy, do so soon. No panel like Occupy GSO, specific report from a Southern city. See Cindy or Michael for more information.
  • Glenwood Coffee & Books: Please put all chairs and tables back where they were after OGSO meetings. Die Capital! performances next Friday at 7:30 pm, and Saturday at 8 pm, $7. Well received so far, very funny, written by Connor.
  • Conference call report back: Today in conference call with other Occupiers around US concerning non-violence and diversity of tactics & want info about where we thought Occupy movement should go as a whole.

  • Collective Access/Anti-Oppression group: Friday meeting, 5:30 pm: Coalition work with Foreclosure group. Research to gather, organizing toward showing of film.
  • Foreclosure Working Group: Short film premiere scheduled for March 14th at 7 pm at the Carolina Theatre. Draft program passed around. Meetings are Thursday morning at 8:30 at Spring Garden Bakery. We need more help to make this event have hundreds of people show up. Need someone to bottom line a “Story Corps”-like project, which will collect people’s stories about foreclosures.See Todd, Marnie, Dave or Mo for more information.
  • City Council item announcement: At Tuesdays City Council meeting two things of interest will be up for discussion and vote. Council will vote on a resolution to oppose Amendment 1 (which seeks to more narrowly define marriage and legally recognized relationships in the state). It iss item 33 of 35. Also, authorization of a task force around Trash Policy will be discussed as item 35.
  • Anyone interested in organizing around opposition to potential war with Iran, contact Jo at perpelone@gmail.com.
  • Art/Media/Communication Working Group: Group met before G.A. and made progress on web-site restructuring authorized at last week’s G.A. We hope to launch the redesigned site by February 14. More info in next few days/weeks. Also Occupy Greensboro’s General Assembly Facebook group will be renamed Occupy Greensboro Open Forum. We will have a separate Facebook page titled “Occupy Greensboro” to better mirror the websites content and event announcements.
  • Civil Liberties Working Group: Group met on Thursday with just 2 people. We need people to show up. Next meeting: Thursday 5:30pm.
  • Energy Working Group 7% Duke rate increase passed. Can be repealed by NC Supreme Court. It has been appealed, doing research about this. Another 2-3:30 pm meet every other week, bi-monthly Feb. 15, 7 pm next meeting
  • Employment Working Group: 8 members on Sat, 9:30 am, next Sat. same time. 1) Idea of co-op idea, “Greensboro Technology Cooperative”, discussed, explored new ways of looking at employment. 2) Questionable behavior of city when it comes to economic development. Preparing a presentation to city council; hard to get info; seems only 1 person is responsible for economic development funds. 3) Interested in getting support of City Council for work cooperatives. We will have a workshop presentation on cooperative business development next week.
  • Occupy UNCG: Statewide protest on February 10 at 8am in Chapel Hill over UNC system tuition hike. Important vote taking place to increase tuition in NC system universities. Carpools being organized. In 2006 NC legislature passed a law, can only raise tuition 6.5%. This vote is to override that. See Juan or Thomas for more information.
  • Heath Neighborhood Association meets on 3rd Thursday of every month.
  • Enrichment and Education Working Group: Info packet available soon to help create teach-in events. Creating contact list dealing with subject matter on which the teach-in is focused. Putting together survey for Occupy members – what would you like to learn, and what are you able to teach? And handing surveys to different folks from different organizations. See Isabell or Christian for more information.
  • Anyone interested in working on May Day related actions focused on building coalition with other immigrant right and worker’s groups, come to meeting next Sunday. See Julie or Juan for more information.
  • Anyone interested in organizing a creative fun action related to Valentine’s Day, see Mo for more information. There may be something already in the works around Amendment #1.
  • Historic Thousands on J (HKonJ) is in Raleigh, Feb. 11. People meeting up at 9 am for carpool. See Maria for more information.
  • Emergency Power Fund issue: $450 has been raised for an individual’s electric bill. Al will get money to Duke Energy on behalf of family, electricity for first time in five months.
  • Reading Group: Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow is available at Glenwood Coffee & Books. There is a lending program for those who can’t purchase. Meeting is February 23 at 3:30pm. See Trish for more details.


  • OGSO should endorse the “We Are” Campaign opposing Amendment #1. CONSENTED
  • OGSO should be represented at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting. This GA will be one hour long (from 6:30-7:30pm) to allow folks to go to the City Council meeting. Carpool will happen at 7:30 from Glenwood Coffee & Books. CONSENTED


  • Direction of the national OWS movement
  • Outreach (tabled)

Next Sunday’s GA
Stack: Maria
Facilitator: Tom
Notetaker: Tiffany

Solidarity statements from Occupy Greensboro and All of Us NC

Occupy Greensboro Statement of Solidarity with All of Us NC
This statement was consented to by the Occupy Greensboro General Assembly and communicated to All of Us NC on the occason of their organizer training session held in Greensboro.

Occupy Greensboro would like to welcome those of you from around the state to Greensboro and express our solidarity with All of US NC. We are inspired by the work you have done and are preparing to do in the coming months to defeat the Family Discrimination Amendment against LGBTQ families. Thank you for your activism! As you are building your relational organizing skills, we are marching and rallying for jobs and a new economy here in Greensboro. Many of our own Occupy Greensboro participants are attending your training, while other LGBTQ folks are attending the march. We believe that the work you are doing today is very much connected and is important to our organizing for economic justice and increased employment.

As the recent Declaration of the Occupation of DC pointed out, we “face different forms of oppression and [are] impacted by economic exploitation to differing degrees, but [we are] united by a shared vision of equality for the common good.” LGBTQ people are a part of the 99%, and to build a liberatory model of economic justice, we must challenge homophobia and transphobia. Like all oppressions they are interlocking and mutually reinforce each other. According to the Williams Institute, 27% of LGB respondents faced discrimination in their workplace over a five-year period. 38% of those LGB surveyed people who are out at work have feared for their jobs. According to the same study, the rate of harassment and discrimination for transgender people is even higher at 78%. We stand with you not only because LGBTQ members of the 99% are facing particular hardships, but also because we know our movement has much to learn from the histories of LGBTQ movement building, and from how many LGBTQ people build community, create chosen family and care for one-another in ways that challenge the isolation and
individualism that impact all of our lives.

To take from your coalition’s name, we must fight for all of us, for all of who we are, for all of our families. We know that so many families are under attack, including poor families, LGBTQ families, families of color and migrant families. In supporting each other, we build power to vote down this amendment and build an economy that promotes justice for us all. Thank you for the work you are doing today.

Solidarity Statement for Occupy Greensboro
This statement was communicated to Occupy Greensboro by All of Us NC during the OGSO Unemployed and Underemployed Workers March.

As All of Us North Carolina–an alliance of North Carolinians working to fight the Family Discrimination Amendment on the ballot this coming May–we are in fierce solidarity with you standing out in the cold today: the unemployed, underemployed, and underpaid. We recognize that the political is personal and that we will only succeed if we stand up for one another when any of us has our humanity questioned. The Family Discrimination Amendment would add a clause to the NC Constitution claiming that a union between 1 man and 1 woman is the only type recognized by the state. While it is a direct attack on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community, we know it is part of a pattern of attacks– all attempting to disenfranchise us. If NC legislators are so concerned about “protecting” families, why aren’t they doing more to create sustainable jobs to support us and the people we love?

We’re going to win this fight because we refuse to be divided and conquered. The mainstream media would have us believe that LGBTQ communities are being discriminated against by ‘those rural people’, ‘those blue collar workers, ‘those immigrant communities’, or ‘those Black churches’. We know better than all that, because we know each other. We know that there is no ‘those people’: we ARE lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning as truly as we are rural, working class, immigrant, Black, brown, indigenous, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and much much more. ‘Them’ is ‘us’ and we too demand the
right to fulfilling, well-paid work!

Thank you for coming out in May 2012 to vote against the family discrimination amendment and for staying in the struggle beyond the election to build a better North Carolina for all of us.